Thank you

Re: Street crews

Here is a long, but huge overdue thank you to Sheridan’s street paint crews. How wonderful it was to come home from an extended visit to our great local hospital and find our bike path on Sugarland freshly and brightly painted.

It means to much to us on Sugarland to safely travel to restaurants and stores whether we use canes, walkers, wheelchairs or walk unaided…or ride our bikes!

Barbara Oedekoven



Thanks for care

Re: Billings, Sheridan hospitals


I recently spent nine days at the Billings Clinic in Billings, Montana, and am writing this letter to show my admiration and appreciation for the staff who helped me during my stay there.

I was in ICU for five days and the general hospital for four more. I arrived by chopper from Sheridan Memorial Hospital’s emergency room July 13 and was discharged on July 22.

My condition was serious enough to require being put into a coma for two days to give me the best chance of survival, a very long shot according to the admitting ICU doctor. And yet, three days after being brought back to consciousness I was transferred to a regular room.

I can attribute much of the reason behind that to the highly competent and intense care I received from the staff there (I’m sure prayers from my church family played a part as well).

Moving to a standard room, that level of quality care continued unabated.

One day, as I walked a lap around the fourth floor, I noticed a form that patients could fill out selecting an individual caregiver for outstanding performance. I returned to my room and began to consider who I would select.

After much thought I decided I could not do it; the standard of excellence was too consistent: every one of the 30 or so staff who had helped me were extraordinary! I could not pick just one, so I decided to write this and let them all know how much I appreciate their efforts to restoring me to health.

So if you ever find yourself at the Billings Clinic, be confident that you will receive the absolute best care possible!

Austin Goodrich


P.S. A hearty thanks also to the wonderful care I received at Sheridan Memorial Hospital diagnosing my condition(s) and prepping me for transport!