SHERIDAN — After completing their first week of two-a-days, Sheridan High School football wants to keep the high energy from the first week and carry it into the second week of practices.

“They came out with good attitudes and worked hard,” SHS head coach Jeff Mowry said. “We are 11 practices down now. They are tired a little bit and their soreness is starting to come out of them. They are ready and eager to attack into next week.”

A good week of practices can be attributed to the energy Mowry saw from the team in the first week.

“I have seen good energy out of the sophomore and junior class, a lot of that is due to the senior leadership,” Mowry said. “They have come out and expected a high tempo. The sophomores and juniors have answered the call. We have seen some good things out of them and I am sure there will be some underclassmen on the field for the first game.”

Senior Garrett Coon said the senior class tries to lead by example, showing the young guys when you play with energy, good things will happen. Senior Jacob Boint said the coaches have instructed the seniors about leading from the front.

“Having that mentality that as we go the rest of the team goes,” Boint said. “Knowing we have to set the bar and the tone each practice and the young guys will follow.”

Coon saw good energy early on from the team and saw guys ready to hit when they put on pads. Once fatigue started to set in, the energy dropped. Coon said coaches have been challenging the team to keep the same energy, even when fatigued.

Having a bad practice because energy is down is something Mowry hopes to avoid during the second week of practice.

“There is nothing worse for a team than coming out and wasting a practice,” Mowry said. “We have to take advantage of every practice time we have. We have to try to get one step ahead of everyone else in the state.”

Mowry is not ready to make any decisions on the depth chart yet. The only starting position Mowry is willing to name is Garrett Coon at middle linebacker. Coon started at that position for the last two seasons and Mowry does not see any reason to make a change right now.

Mowry and the rest of the coaching staff discussed the depth chart following Saturday’s practice, having tough decisions to make between players battling for a spot. Mowry said the other 21 starting positions and all special team positions are up for grabs.

Senior Lineman Ethan Johnson said he expects starters not to be named until game week. Even throughout the season, Johnson knows any position is not guaranteed.

“You can not mentally show up for two practices in a row, go through the motions and expect to start Friday when a kid showing up is trying his hardest and working his hardest,” Johnson said. “Coaches see that and they are going to put him in on the line to start Friday nights because he is willing to put in the work and you are not.”

Mowry said everyone on the teams knows this and understands this, leading to the high energy on the field.

“When people know they got to beat someone else to get their spot, it absolutely helps bring energy,” Mowry said. “Competition breeds success and we are trying to use that to our advantage.”

The competition will help develop depth for the Broncs, allowing for more subs to be utilized and building the foundation for future success.

The Broncs have remained relatively healthy during their camp, with a few players having to sit out of Saturday’s practice due to minor injuries. Nothing has been season-ending yet, Mowry said; he is hoping that trend will continue.

Sheridan will open the season against Rock Springs at Scott Field 6 p.m. Aug. 30.