SHERIDAN — Two individuals are suspected of attempting to steal $4,500 worth of copper wire from Crescent Electric Supply Company Aug. 14.

Law enforcement responded to a call from a Crescent employee stating that one male and one female person had attempted to steal the wire at approximately 9:30 a.m.

Mike Horner from Crescent said the warehouse manager Derek Wood suspected the individuals planned to steal the copper when they tried to negotiate price for the copper and the female individual started filling her pockets with receptacles.

Sheridan Police Department Lt. Travis Koltiska said the individuals tried to negotiate having a third person pay for the wire at a later time after the copper was loaded into their trailer.

Horner said Wood was unloading the copper and still inside the trailer when the individuals pulled away, but Wood was not injured when he stepped out.

Horner said they reclaimed all of the copper before the individuals pulled away and that Wood contacted law enforcement immediately after unloading the copper.

Wood told law enforcement there was other scrap metal in the back of the trailer, Koltiska said.

Horner said this was an exciting incident because he hadn’t experienced an attempt at a scam like this before.

The individuals’ names are unknown, as they fled the scene and have not been located. According to Sheridan Police activity reports, a “be on the lookout” was issued for the individuals.

Koltiska said the vehicle was described as a newer model, four-door, black Chevrolet Silverado 3500 pulling a black fifth-wheel cargo trailer.