SHERIDAN — Sheridan College volleyball played eight sets against Rocky Mountain College Monday, giving the Lady Generals their first taste of outside competition this year.

During the scrimmage, first-year head coach Casey Quiggle said he saw some great individual performances from his players. As a team, he wants to see a more consistent competitive edge and maintenance of high energy, no matter what is going on in the game.

“You can not let the score dictate your energy level,” Quiggle said. “Regardless of what the score is, you have to keep the energy level the whole time. It can not just be when you are ahead or when you are winning.”

Quiggle said the team noticed when the Lady Generals got down on themselves. Quiggle wants the team to learn from this experience and move on.

Sophomore Jody Gallagher said a portion of Tuesday’s practice was dedicated to creating new cheers for the teams to use and committing to keeping high energy for the duration of matches. The team’s energy was a determining factor toward the end of last season, Gallagher said, and part of the reason why the team hit a slump at the end of the year.

Players will need to fake it until they make it, Quiggle said. Even if they are not high energy people, the players will need to find a way to display that energy, especially when they are not feeling confident or the game is not going well for the Lady Generals.

“Again, it goes back to creating that energy,” Quiggle said. “It might not be natural initially, that is why I suggested to the girls ‘Learn how to be a good actor.’ If you continue to do something over and over again, even if it is not the type of person you are or what you are used to, if you do it enough times it will train your body to do it.”

For eight of the Lady Generals, this was their first experience against another team at the collegiate level. Quiggle said freshman Tori Tooke showed great defensive ability and fellow freshman Pi’ilani Tupou had a good day blocking for the Lady Generals. Freshman Sidney Wilson also had a good day.

Quiggle said Darcie Kaiser, returning sophomore and captain for the team, did a good job leading the Lady Generals and keeping the team together. Gallagher connected a couple of powerful kills, just like she was doing in fall camp. Quiggle said Tannah Heath and Sheridan native Alli Puuri did a great job as defensive specialists.

Gallagher said the Lady Generals need to fine-tune some of their communication while on the court and focus some of their skills.

Kaiser said the team needs to improve the defensive and do better receiving serves. Overall Kaiser saw a good performance from the Lady Generals and a team ready to get back to work. Quiggle gave the team Wednesday off, the first day off for the team since the start of fall camp Aug. 5.

Lady Generals are back in action for the Casper Invite Aug. 23 and Aug. 24, they will take the home court for the first time this season Sept. 5 against Dawson College.