I really enjoy food TV and the Food Network in general. It’s no secret that I’m a huge Guy Fieri fan boy; Triple D and G are my jams (Diners Drive-ins and Dives, and Guy’s Grocery Games).

Watching Gordon Ramsay lay into failing restaurateurs about how filthy their kitchen is or even rappel down a waterfall in his news show is very entertaining. Ramsay tells it like it is, and to be honest, it’s inspiring. I sometimes wish I had the muster to just tell people the way it needs to be done — sometimes I do, unfortunately. Having a passion and trying to help people become better comes off crass unless you have a skill to defuse emotions. I, like Gordon, lack that skill most of the time.

The late great Anthony Bourdain is probably the person who sparked my love of food, travel and journalism. After going to school for drafting and design, I took up a job surveying and doing AutoCAD work. It was not for me, but I soldiered on mostly because I figured that’s what I needed to do; I went to school for it right?

Then I saw an episode of No Reservations, new at the time, and knew the surveying lifestyle was not for me. I promptly went back to school for communication design and knew that’s what I wanted to do.

I graduated and promptly earned a job! At the Powder Horn bartending.

To be honest that was a great job. Free gold, easy hours and superb networking opportunities. It is actually how I ended up here at the Press all those years ago.

While I don’t travel around to exotic places writing about awesome food experiences and living life to the fullest, I do thank my stars I watched that first episode of No Reservations to get me here writing this article now.

And really how cool is that? I get paid to write about everything food. I don’t even see it as work; it is more of a fun thing I get to do every week. My dad would be jealous.

If you find yourself in a show hole or at a crossroads in life, check out some food TV. Maybe an old episode of No Reservations will spark a passion in you didn’t know was there.