During the summer, Sheridan truly comes alive. Flowers bloom in excess; people walk the streets to window shop or head to their next meeting; and the parks fill with children elated to not be inside a classroom.

One of the biggest differences, though, is the events calendar.

There isn’t a day on the calendar during the summer that doesn’t have a multitude of events scheduled around the county. The events vary by interest, price and involvement, but I’d venture to say there’s something out there for everyone, and if one truly wanted to try them all, it would be impossible.

The Sheridan Press’ new smartphone app, My Bighorns, encompasses as many events as we can find scouring the internet, talking to folks and heeding to the several emails staff receive about upcoming fun. Skimming through the list today, there are crafts for children and an artist reception at the library, outdoor family fun at South Park, a lecture at the Hub, cooking class at Verdello and a free concert at Kendrick Park. While many events come with a need to dig into one’s pocketbook, there are several events throughout the week that remain free to the public. You will see a lot of those highlighted on our People or At a Glance pages in the newspaper. Some of my favorites during the summer are Concerts in the Park, Shakespeare in the Park, Third Thursdays, artist’s receptions and the farmers market. Even a simple bike ride along the pathways is free and enjoyable with a friend or family members.

My new favorite will soon be the outdoor movie night hosted by The Sheridan Press. In my growing up years in southern Colorado, we always had a functioning drive-in movie theater. Our first show as a family was Shrek, which soon became a favorite of many, and I stayed up with outdoor movie showings throughout high school and even college, where I’d traverse Los Angeles to find a free movie showing and take my group of broke college students out for a night of free fun.

The Press’ movie showing is an ode to drive-in movie nights for those old enough to remember and an opportunity to teach the younger generation of the glory of a drive-in — or in this case sit-in — movie. The 80’s classic will start at dusk, which we’re estimating to be around 8:45 p.m., but before that we’ll have vendors serving food, a bouncy castle and pop-up bar for the parents and adults coming in for the fun. This event is free to the public.

Check out the SCENE calendar we put out each Wednesday, or grab your phone and download My Bighorns. If you find an event you want to attend, the app allows you to book it on your phone calendar and reminds you about it before it happens.

Happy event hunting!