SHERIDAN — The Lick Creek fire in Bighorn National Forest is 70% contained, with a portion of the fire remaining in an area inaccessible to firefighters due to safety concerns from snags and steep terrain.

The fire is being checked periodically to ensure any needed actions take place.

With a potential for fire activity to increase still lingering, the closure orders on Forest Road 147 and Trail 076 will remain in effect until the fire receives significant moisture.

The Cubb Creek Cabin fire is 100% contained and controlled and will likely be declared out in the next few days.

Fire danger in the Bighorn National Forest is at moderate, and no fire restrictions are in place.

While it has been a slower fire season throughout the region, the forest service recommends that you continue to make sure you are careful with fire and put campfires completely out.

Typically, 60% of fire starts are caused by humans.

For more information, contact Sara Evans Kirol at 307-674-2692.