After days filled with intense training and conditioning, Sheridan College’s volleyball team will scrimmage Rocky Mountain College Monday, giving head coach Casey Quiggle a chance to see how the Lady Generals perform against an unknown opponent.

Quiggle said every athlete will get a chance to play. This scrimmage will test the Lady Generals’ competitiveness and determine which players can handle the game at the college level. Quiggle intends to try various rotations throughout the matchup.

“I am looking for them to play well together and give a good effort,” Quiggle said. “I do not expect the game to be perfect. It may not look pretty sometimes but I expect them to give a good effort.”

Quiggle does not have a starting rotation yet, leaving jobs open for players that show him they want it.

“Who is wanting to be out there,” Quiggle said about what he is trying to take away from the scrimmage. “Who is going to give it their all and who wants to compete for a starting spot.”

The Lady Generals have practiced for about a week, settling into a daily routine. Quiggle said this is an opportunity for the players to get new looks and see if they can make plays against new opponents — an opportunity sophomore Jody Gallagher eagerly awaits.

“I am excited to see us play and how we click as a team,” Gallagher said. “In practice, you get to know hitters and what their tendencies are. When you play a different team it is kind of nice to see different players. It makes you a better player also because you do not know what to expect.”

Cayl Bowman, a sophomore outside hitter, said even though the team has been practicing fast-paced matches in practice, the speed of the game picks up when facing other teams. The scrimmage gives the Lady Generals an opportunity to get used to game speed again.

Bowman said the team’s fall camp saw an increase in conditioning, as Quiggle has pushed the women to be their best.

“He is definitely pushing us harder than we thought he was going to,” Bowman said. “It is definitely going to work out in our favor later in the season. Instead of having that midseason slump or anything, we are going to be able to push through later in the season because of putting so much work in the preseason.”

Quiggle said he pushed the women hard in the first week of practice to help prepare the team for the rest of the year.

“Obviously we want to be in good shape for the season,” Quiggle said. “I think if you push them in conditioning it creates that mental toughness and they can overcome things.”

Sheridan has not resumed classes yet, keeping the added stress of school off the players’ minds. Quiggle said pushing them helps to keep mental fatigue present and not a surprise when classes start.

“We did work out the other day and by the end most of the players did 45 pull-ups, 100 pushups and 150 squats,” Quiggle said. “I asked them ‘when was the last time you did 45 pull-ups?’ They said ‘never.’”

Following the workout, Quiggle said the athletes realized they are able to accomplish tasks they have not been able to do before.

Because of that, Quiggle said, players show up willing to work.

Sheridan will have less than two weeks of practice following the scrimmage before the seasons starts Aug. 23 with the Casper Invite.