SHERIDAN — Flying H Polo Club hosted the Archie MacCarty Cup Sunday, consisting of players younger than 19. Archie MacCarty was a long-time ranch manager at the Flying H Ranch.

Tee Pee Lodge defeated Flying H 11-7.5 in five chukkers. Flying H started with a half goal advantage after the handicap was accounted for and the length of the game was taken into account. Playing for Tee Pee Lodge was Quinn Evans, Hope Arellano, Taylor Palacios, April Galindo and Avery Evans.

Playing for Flying H was Charlie Caldwell, Harry Caldwell, Dig Singh, Fernando Torres and Trent Passini. Q. Evans was named MVP of the match. Evans said it was an honor to receive the award, but having the team win was better.

Evans said the team had great communication with each other, listening to each other well. Playing in the back position, Evans is able to see more of the field and help direct his team into position. The team listened and responded well to his instructions.

Arellano said this group of 10 players has played a lot of polo with and against each other, allowing for each other to already know the style of each person is. Everyone is amazing to play with, Arellano said.

The horse, Jay Z, that Evans rode in the first chukker received the best playing pony award.

This award was better than winning the MVP award, Evans said. It was great to see the hard work he has been putting in training with the horse pay off.

Evans said Jay Z had a great mouth on him, meaning Jay Z stopped really well and was easy to control. This allowed Evans to slow down and gain control of the ball. He said Jay Z moved around the field really well, allowing Evans to be in the right position to make a play.

Flying H Polo Club also completed the Skeeter Johnston Memorial Cup Saturday.

No Trees defeated Evergreen 14-10 in the championship match at 3 p.m. The teams were the same from Thursday’s match games.

No Trees’ Shane Rice was named MVP and Miguel Astrada’s horse from the fifth chukker was named the best playing pony.

Next on the schedule for the Flying H Polo Club is the Bradford Brinton Memorial Cup. Match games will be Thursday and the final match is Saturday.