SHERIDAN — New teams and match games were played Thursday to determine who will play for the Skeeter Memorial Cup Saturday.

Bendabount defeated Parrot Heads in the 11 a.m. game 9-7. Playing for Bendabout was Gillian Johnston, Steve Krueger, Julian De Lusarretta and KC Krueger.

Playing for Parrot Heads was Roni Duke, Paige McCabe, Frankie Bibao and Jason Crowder.

Parrot Heads came and with two-goal advantage from handicap. Bendabout tied the game at three after the second chukker, thanks to two goals by S. Krueger and a goal by De Lusarretta. Bendabout had a one-goal lead going into halftime. Two more goals in the fourth and sixth chukker by De Lusarretta gave Bendabout the win. S. Krueger and Delusarretta led both teams with three goals.

Evergreen defeated Jan Pamela 8-7 in the 1 p.m. game. Playing for Evergreen was Tom Sprung, Sugar Erskine, Carlitos Galindo and Nicolai Galindo.

Playing for Jan Pamela was Wayne Garrison, Lucio Benedit, Jeff Blake and Hector Galindo.

Evergreen, starting with a one-goal because of handicap, was unable to find a goal in the first chukker but gained a one-goal advantage, 4-3, heading into the half. C. Galindo had two goals and Sprung had one goal in the first half.

Jan Pamela was held scoreless in the fourth and fifth chukkers, allowing Evergreen to build their lead and take the victory. Jan Pamela scored two goals in the final chukker to make the final score appear closer.

C. Galindo led both teams with three goals. Everyone scored at least once for both teams.

No Trees defeated Newport 8-6 in the final match of the day at 3 p.m. Representing No Tree were Craig Duke, Will Johnston, Miguel Astrada and Shane Rice.

Wearing the white jerseys and representing Newport were Gene Goldstein, Gonzalo Teves, Michele Dorianae and Chip Campbell.

Newport’s two-goal advantage was not enough to hold off No Trees. Heading into halftime, No Trees had a 4-3 lead due to three goals by Johnston and a goal by Rice. Campbell scored the only goal for Newport in the first half during the second chukker. Neither team scored in the fourth chukker. Each team scored two goals in the fifth chukker and No Tree scored two goals in the final chukker compared to Newport’s one goal. Newport scored as time was running out.

Johnston led both teams with four goals, three during play and one from a penalty shot. Campbell led Newport with three goals.

The champions of the Skeeter Johnston Memorial Cup will be decided Sunday.