SHERIDAN — The town of Dayton met July 16 at the Dayton Town Hall for their scheduled city council meeting. The meeting consisted heavily of budget adjustments and checks to confirm their budget is feasible for the year in the grand scheme of a 10-year plan.

The largest adjustment was in salaries and budgets due to the previous clerk retiring. When filling the position, they paid for training of the new clerk, which was not originally budget. Changes in their general maintenance budget increased by nearly $24,000 and can be attributed to human error by simply writing down the wrong budgeted number, which has been promptly fixed. The other major budget changes came from an underestimation to their legal services used for contract checks, creating city ordinances, and other minor legal advice, which has been adjusted for years to come.

Mayor Norm Anderson and council also discussed a deed exchange from Montana-Dakota Utilities. MDU has a substation located on Dayton’s newest subdivision, East Lane. After putting the new subdivision in, the road has seen a significant amount of traffic but the road was not broad enough for two-way traffic. MDU’s substation allowed a trade of deeds with the current owner of the East Lane Subdivision, which will be sold back to the Town of Dayton to build a 60-foot roadway.

Brendon Kerns, owner of Kerns Law Office, asked to change his office’s name to Kerns & Bunting, LCC after taking on a new partner.

All requests were approved. Dayton’s next town hall meeting is Aug. 8 at 6:30 p.m.