SHERIDAN — Sheridan County School District 3 worked through budget items during the school board work session July 18.

The school board granted an additional $800 a year for certified staff, which is a decision made typically every two years.

Board trustees kept $42,000 as the base salary for certified employees.

The 2019-2020 budget was accepted without any additional or major changes. The board said it’s their goal to start planning for the future by making efficient choices so they can continue to stay within their budget in upcoming fiscal years.

There were no changes in current contracts, but they currently have positions open for an assistant junior high basketball coach and multiple track coaches.

As for projects, the sprinkler system in the bus barn has been completed with final tests in place. The summer maintenance crew also replaced old carpet with new before teachers arrive in a short few weeks.

Due to an electrical short, a SCSD3 suburban burnt down. The board is currently working on advertising and bidding on a replacement, which was also approved by the Wyoming Department of Education.

The board had one letter of resignation from the district’s Spanish teacher, who accepted a job at Sheridan High School.

The board decided to not refill the position but to replace it with an online special education para-professional position that will support an online foreign language.

SCSD3’s next school board meeting is Aug. 14. at 4 p.m.