SHERIDAN — Sheridan City Council recently approved the rezone and subdivision of land on Brundage Street, which will expand Whitney Plaza.

The properties surrounding the newly-rezoned lot are part of the Whitney Plaza Planned Unit Development District.

Whitney Benefits did not own the lot when it developed the original master plan for the district, but recently acquired the lot and asked for the rezone to incorporate it into the adjacent PUD district.

The Sheridan Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously recommended council approve the changes to the property during its June meeting.

Whitney is currently preserving the subdivision for future development.

Council passed an ordinance on three readings that rezoned 8,200 square feet at 421 E. Brundage St., which is next to the Sheridan Ice M&M’s Center, from R-3 — a residential zoning designation — to a planned unit development.

A PUD designation allows for a variety of land uses, but the rezone is tied to a master plan for the development on the land; the landowner cannot make major changes to that master plan without council’s approval.

In addition to the rezone, council passed a resolution creating the Whitney Plaza Two Minor Subdivision, which will replat two lots into two lots and two outlots, designed to allow private access to and utility easements for the two lots.

Craig said the zoning and restrictions attached to the minor subdivision correspond to adjacent lots in Whitney Plaza. As such, the lots could be used to build up to three attached, multi-family residential units.

He added that water and sewer connections are already available to both lots.

There is currently a shed on Lot One of the subdivision, which Whitney intends to remove.

One property owner in Whitney Plaza expressed support for the rezone. Joe Evers — a managing member of Second Rung Wyoming LLC, which owns two lots in Whitney Plaza — encouraged council to approve the new subdivision.

“The request will serve to further enhance downtown Sheridan,” Evers wrote to council. “…And will further increase the valuable tax revenues the city receives from properties located in Whitney Plaza.”

No other nearby landowners commented on the changes to the property.

Following the approval of all three readings of the ordinance, council also approved an amendment to the Whitney Plaza PUD, officially incorporating the newly-rezoned lots into that development.

Councilor Patrick Henderson, the director of Whitney Benefits, recused himself from all votes related to the property, as he holds the position of executive director of the organization.

Courtesy photo — City of Sheridan |
A map showing the recently-approved Whitney Plaza Two Subdivision and surrounding zoning designations.