As summer starts to wind down (I know… argh), theater season starts to ramp up (yay!). There will be lots of options for live theater this season from Sheridan College, to the high schools and, of course, the WYO Gala.

In August, don’t miss the Sheridan Shakespeare Company’s production of “Twelfth Night” — Aug. 8, 9, and 10 at the Whitney Commons amphitheater.

Soon after Shakespeare, the Civic Theatre Guild’s season begins with a touching story of a daughter dealing with unaddressed family issues compounded by the realities of aging parents. It’s sure to have elements familiar to anyone. “Painting Churches” by Tina Howe, is directed by Jami Lance and runs Sept. 19-29.

Sam Shepard was a giant of the American stage. “True West” is perhaps his best known play. It traces the complicated relationship and spiraling psyches of two brothers holed up in their mother’s suburban Los Angeles home reliving past conflicts and tearing the house, and each other, apart. “True West” is directed by Gene Davis and runs Nov. 8-24.

The hilarious and poignant “Ripcord” by David Lindsay Abaire tells the tale of Abby and Marilyn, two diametrically-opposed women sharing a room in a senior living facility. A bet between them spirals out of control with raucous results, and forces the two to learn a lesson about the importance of friendship at any age. “Ripcord” is directed by Heather Bujans and runs Feb. 20 through March 1.

Steve Martin is the quintessential Renaissance man, building a fan base that spans generations and genres as an insane standup comic, a beloved actor, a virtuoso banjo player and an award-winning playwright. “The Underpants” is a Martin adaptation of a classic German farce about the “fallout” after a scandalous incident of public exposure. It has all the gonzo wackiness you’d expect of Martin, and will keep audiences laughing all the way through the closing curtain. Dan Cole directs “The Underpants,” which runs April 16-26.

The final play of CTG’s 2019-2020 season will be the annual co-production with the WYO Theater. The co-production is still being finalized but will be directed by Erin Kranz, and will run May 14-24 at the WYO Performing Arts and Education Center. Keep an eye out for further details.

I have been so pleased to see new actors, directors and audiences finding a home with CTG in the last couple years. I am leaving the board after five years, but with a great crew, and the lovely and talented Kaleen Juergens at the helm, CTG’s future is bright.

One final time, let me say thank you to everyone who makes that little engine hum. You are all cherished in my heart. Have a great rest of the summer, Sheridan, and I will definitely see you at the theater.


David Myers was Sheridan Civic Theatre Guild president since 2017 and a board member since 2014.