SHERIDAN — Sheridan Troopers won their final game of the regular season, defeating the Cheyenne Hawks 15-2 Monday at Thorne-Rider Stadium.

The game was slated for nine innings, but the 10-run mercy rule took effect in the seventh inning. Sheridan ended the regular season with a 29-22 record.

“Cheyenne is an A team, a younger team,” said Ben Phillips, Sheridan Troopers head coach. “Which was kind of nice because some of the kids on my team are 15-year-olds playing 18- and 19-year-olds all summer. It was nice for them to play against a team their own age.”

Sheridan opened up scoring in the bottom of the second inning with nine runs. Sheridan kept the pressure on, scoring three runs in the third, one run in the fourth, and two runs in the sixth inning.

Troopers have been struggling with their hitting in the past few weeks. Phillips said in early July the Troopers were more consistent with their hitting and scoring. In the five of the first seven games of July, Sheridan scored more than 10 runs. This has been the first game where the Troopers have scored more than 10 runs since July 7.

Lately, the Troopers have been leaving runners in scoring positions at the end of an inning and not capitalizing on opportunities.

“We worked on some our swings in the morning,” Phillips said. “Our bat looked a little bit better, but we still have some work to do.”

Phillips said he was happy with Cody Kilpatrick’s three-hit performance.

Sheridan had more consistency with their hitting against Cheyenne. Phillips said the Troopers will continue to make small tweaks to players swings when they prepare for the state tournament.

“We are working on just keeping within ourselves,” Trooper Race Johnston said. “Making sure we are hitting for the contact, do not try to overpower yourself.”

Sheridan held Cheyenne scoreless until the sixth inning. Cheyenne scored one run in the sixth and seventh innings. Dalton Nelson pitched the first four innings, allowing no runs. Michael Greer replaced Nelson in the fifth inning.

Phillips said both Nelson and Greer did a good job pitching, as he expected them to do against a younger team.

Sheridan will be at full health heading into the tournament this weekend. Phillips said he brought up three players from the Sheridan Jets to give the roster more depth.

Sheridan will have the remainder of the week off until the start of the state tournament on Friday. Sheridan plays Evanston at 10 a.m. in the opening round of the double-elimination bracket. This will be the first time Evanston and Sheridan have played each other this year.