Are Democrats now aiding lawbreakers?

Re: Immigration issues

We’ve now descended to a level where a Speaker of the House of Representatives is giving legal advice to illegal aliens, whom the Democrats call “undocumented immigrants.” Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently said publicly: “If ICE agents don’t have a warrant signed by a judge, a person may refuse to open the door and let them in.” In other words, illegal aliens can ignore deportation orders already issued by administrative law judges!

She added that undocumented people “deserve to have their rights adjudicated.” Earth to Pelosi: those having been ordered deported have already had their rights adjudicated by courts of competent jurisdiction, i.e. by administrative law judges.

The tediously verbose Representative from New York, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY, chimed in on social media, advising people affected by these judicial orders to consult a left-wing website which details instructions (in several languages) for such potential deportees to follow.

Then Sen. Cory Booker, D-NJ, after announcing a “plan” for immigration reform (including reducing ICE enforcement raids, eliminating immigration quotas and decriminalizing illegal entry into the U.S.), recently escorted five women from Juarez, Mexico, to El Paso — all of whom had previously been deported to Mexico to wait for their applications for asylum to be adjudicated.

One must wonder when (and even whether) such de facto lawlessness by duly elected Democratic officials will cease.

From opposing border security and supporting rebellious “sanctuary cities,” to promoting divisive identity politics, to stocking the federal judiciary over many decades with radical judicial activists, to fomenting envy, hatred and disunity in this country, the Democratic Party has caused serious damage to our nation.

And, lest anyone think that this is a totally new phenomenon, Ronald Reagan said long ago: “The national Democratic leadership is going so far left, they’ve left America. Don’t let them bury the American dream in their graveyard of doom and envy.”

Another quote of his seems quite relevant to me now that all this is coming to pass: “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction …. It must be fought for and protected … or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”

It’s starting to feel like I’m already there, Mr. President.

Charles Cole



Trip of a lifetime

Re: 50th class reunion

As I embark on the great San Diego to Sheridan road trip for our 50th high school reunion, class of 1969, I am flooded with memories and the excitement of reuniting with old friends that I haven’t seen in years. This will be a great trip, but not the “trip of a lifetime,” because that already happened last year.

Last year’s grand adventure was a trip to New Zealand with my sister, Barb MacLean. The roots of that trip, however, started in Sheridan. Mrs. Lardner’s sixth grade class at Coffeen Elementary in  1962. This was when the students were assigned pen pals from all over the world. Mine was Hilda Bell from New Zealand. Little did I know how life changing this gift would be.

We corresponded for years and sent little gifts back and forth…a Native American doll from me, a bundle of wool from her and lots of picturesque calendars from our two countries. I moved to San Diego after graduation, but we kept in contact throughout college and beyond. We both got married around the same time and both of us had a son and a daughter. She and her husband live on a farm that has been in the family for generations. We never spoke on the phone. It was just too expensive and complicated with having to go through an overseas operator, pre-computer days.

We eventually lost track of each other for about 20 years as life and work got busier. I never lost my dream and the promise that one day I would visit New Zealand. So, in January of 2018 I started planning the trip with my sister. Through Google, I was able to find the New Zealand White Pages and an address for B & H Goodare that looked familiar. I sent a letter by snail-mail and prayed that Hilda was still alive. 

Five months later, after all our plans were made and I had pretty much given up, I received an email; she was alive and well!

Hilda and her husband, Bruce, drove up to meet us at our first AirBNB. We were able to rearrange our schedules so that we could spent one night at their beautiful farm. Hilda was even able to go with us on the first part of our tour. We got her into glow worm cave tours, Hobbiton and geothermal parks similar to Yellowstone. It was like we had been best friends forever, and the trip was made that much better by having her along.

So in the end, I would like to thank my sixth grade teacher Mrs. Gardner and the Sheridan school system for this wonderful gift that so enriched my life.

Judy MacLean-Fowler

San Diego, California