SHERIDAN — Gage Greer’s father waited patiently behind the chutes for his boy’s go in steer wrestling. One competitor after another went, posting solid times that would prove hard to top during the second day of the Sheridan WYO Rodeo at the Sheridan County Fairgrounds.

Gage Greer marked the final cowboy to compete, and with dad looking on, his brothers in the roping chutes and many family friends in attendance, Greer didn’t disappoint.

Greer registered a time of 6 seconds, which vaulted him to the top of the standings after two rounds. Greer holds an aggregate score of 13.4.

Greer feels comfortable at the WYO Rodeo. The Gillette native enjoys the close proximity to home and the applause he receives being an Equality State resident.

“The WYO is fun. It’s one of the best rodeos around,” Greer said. “It’s kind of like a hometown rodeo. … I have a lot of support, and it’s great to just finally see everybody, give some hugs and hang out and just BS.”

Greer wasn’t having the strongest of seasons, but he hopes his performance Thursday night can jumpstart a busy schedule that awaits.

“This is gonna help, for sure,” Greer said. “If I can get a little out of Sheridan, it’s going to help. … We are busy driving up and down right now. We leave tonight and then have five rodeos in four days.”

Saddle bronc rider Allen Boore is having a similar season as Greer. It has been a little bit of roller coaster for the Utah native, and Thursday night was one of the highlights thus far.

Boore boasted the best ride of the night, logging a score of 84, which places him in second in the overall. Boore rode Chicken Brute, a young horse that he was excited to climb aboard.

“That’s a pretty young horse, and I’ve seen a video of it, and he looked nice,” Boore said. “I was happy to have him, and I hope he had a good trip. He was as nice a horse a guy would want to have. He performed really well.”

Boore has made a habit of performing well at the WYO Rodeo. He’s not entirely sure why but he always seems to walk away with some money each time he ventures up to northern Wyoming.

“I don’t know. It’s just one of those places you know you’ll do well at, and it turns out,” Boore said. “… This is a great rodeo. I’ve been here four or five times, and I’ve always done pretty well. I love to come up here. It’s nice, and the Sankey’s bucking horses are great to get on, and you can win a bunch of money.”

Boore currently sits second overall, as Stetson Wright still leads in saddle bronc with his 86.5-point ride Wednesday night.

Jake Orman and Tyler McKnight logged the fastest team roping time Thursday, clocking in at 4.5 seconds. Shay Good took top honors in steer roping, recording a time of 10.7 seconds, and Caleb Smidt boasted the best tie-down roping time of 9.4.

Tyler Bingham was the lone bull rider to hold on for eight seconds, and Paden Hurst claimed the top spot in bareback with a score of 81.


89th Sheridan WYO Rodeo Current Standings


Bareback Riding

1. Steven Dent 86; 2. Will Lowe 84; 3. Paden Hurst 81; 4. Zach Hibler 80.5; 5. Kash Wilson 80; 6. Chance Ames 79; 7. Trey Moore III 77.5; 8. Tony Barrington 76.5


Saddle Bronc

1. Stetson Wright 86.5; 2. Allen Boore 84; 3. Kole Ashbacher 82.5; 4. Colt Gordon 80.5; 5. Joe Harper 79.5; 6. Taos Muncy 78.5; 7. Shane Proctor 77; 8. Treyson Antonick 75.5; 8. Ross Griffin 75.5.


Steer Wrestling (average)

1. Gage Greer 13.4/2; 2. Stephen Culling 14.8/2; 3. Jacob Edler 17.8/2; 4. J.D. Struxness 18.8/2; 5. Kalane Anders 19.5/2; 6. Payden McIntyre 20.2/2; 7. Juan Alcazar Jr. 22.6/2; 8. Nick Guy 23.1/2.


Steer Roping (average)

1. Trevor Brazile 68.6/4; 2. Howdy McGinn 87.4/4; 3. Scott Snedecor 50.1/3; 4. Thomas Smith 53.6/3; 5. Cody Lee 59.5/3; 6. Duck Benson 62.7/3; 7. Martin Poindexter 79.8/3; 8. Gib Bell 72.1/3.


Team Roping (average)

1. Kolton Schmidt and Jeremy Buhler 11.6/2; 2. Clay Smith and Jade Corkill 15.2/2; 3. Kaleb Driggers and Junior Nogueira 15.6/2; 4. Paul David Tierney 16.5/2; 5. Brady Tryan and Matt Robertson 16.8/2; 6. Charly Crawford and Logan Medlin 19.3/2; 7. Corey Whinnery and Robert Murphy 26.1/2; 8. Alfred Hansen and Levi Tyan 31.8/2.


Tie Down (average)

1. Caleb Smidt 17.9/2; 2. Cody McCartney 18.9/2; 3. Tyson Durfey 19.5/2; 4. Riley Pruitt 19.8/2; 5. Tanner Green 21.4/2; 6. Cooper Raley 22.1/2; 7. Hudson Wallace 22.6/2; 8. Kyle Dickens 22.7/2.


Barrel Racing (average)

1. Carley Cervi 17.64; 2. Miranda Emmert 17.66; 3. Abby Philips 17.99; 4. Kristi Steffes 18.06; 5. KL Spratt 18.11; 6. Coralee Spratt 18.24; 7. Karson Bradley 18.85; 8. Jessie Telford 18.86.


Bull Riding

1. Parker Cole McCown 83; Roscoe Jarboe 82; Tyler Bingham 78.