SHERIDAN — The Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors and the Sheridan WYO Rodeo Board kicked off Sheridan WYO Rodeo Week with the annual Boot Kick-Off and Stick Horse Barrel Races Tuesday at Whitney Commons Park.

The Stick Horse Barrel Races started the event for children 8 and younger. Participants had to run as fast as possible on their stick horses around barrels and back to the start. The top three winners in each category were:


Ages 4 and younger:

First place – Livia Bertalot

Second place – Micah Star

Third place – Petra Gnehm


Ages 5-6:

First place – Bodie Kistler

Second place – Kienna Ard

Third place – Boone Porter


Ages 7-8:

First place – Jaren Kukal

Second place – Frank Restuccio

Third place – Ashton Porter


The Boot Kick-Off was held following the Stick Horse Barrel Races. Participants competed to see who could “kick off” their boot the farthest. The top three winners in each category were:


Ages 9-12 girls and boys:

First place – Landon Selcher

Second place – Finn Stalick

Third place – Nick Mauck


Ages 13-17 girls:

First place – Alissia Dominguez

Second place – Autumn White

Third place – Kaylee Chas


Ages 13-17 boys:

First place – Aiden Selcher

Second place – Hayes Hustin

Third place – Simon Tenglensal

Ages 18 and older women:

First place – Sarah Rawlings

Second place – Nicole Pearce

Third place – Staci Helferich


Ages 18 and older men:

First place – Justin Rohrer

Second place – Zach Heid

Third place – Justin Heid


A total of $1,330 in Chamber Bucks was awarded to the winners.

Wrapping up the event was the annual Chamber Ambassadors Challenge against the Sheridan Jaycees. After passing a stick horse through everyone’s legs, then spinning 10 times, participants then grabbed a hula hoop and ran down the field on their stick horse.

Waiting for them at the end of the field was a fellow competitor with their feet planted in buckets. The runner had to throw the hula hoop towards the person at the end of the field for them to catch and place over their body. The Chamber Ambassadors won by getting the most hula hoops over the person at the end.