SHERIDAN — Although the true origin of coffee may never be certain, legend states that a goat herder on the Ethiopian plateau discovered the effects of the beans when he noticed his goats became so energetic that they didn’t want to sleep at night after eating the mysterious “berries.”

The herder reported his findings to the local monastery, whose residents made a drink with the berries and found that the berries kept them vigilant through hours of prayer. Word caught like wildfire across the east to the Arabian peninsula and then across the entire world.

Whether it’s an iced latte or a steamed drink with a detailed foam design on top, Sheridan is no stranger to specialty coffee drinks. Various cafes have become oases for community members, and changes in ownership can be felt through the community. One of Sheridan’s popular coffee shops, Andi’s Coffee and Bakery had a change of ownership this past June. Luckily for customers, there are no huge changes coming down the pike. Andi’s newest owners, Drew and Heidi Homola, officially purchased the coffee shop from Heidi’s mom June 24. The coffee shop created by Annie and Dionne Hendrickson, Heidi Homola’s mother and sister. Homola had been managing the coffee shop full time after Dionne Hendrickson moved away.

“They’ve made it almost seamless,” Aftonlea Sami, a barista who has worked at Andi’s for over three years, said about the changes she’s felt in the business.

Heidi Homola is deadset that the coffee shop maintains the casual and calm atmosphere which the coffee shop is known for.

“I think it’s really important to maintain the feeling that Andy set up before we came here,” Homola said.  “This is such a comfortable place to be; we want to be welcoming to everybody and to me that’s pretty important.”

The couple respect the art that modern day coffee has morphed into and hope to draw customers by the quality within each cup of Joe they serve.

“I think for us the most important thing is we want to be the place where people come because they love coffee. We’re not like bigger name brand companies since they can’t physically choose the beans, or grind the beans a few days after they’ve been roasted,” Drew Homola said.

But the quality that the couple want to serve doesn’t stop at the beans that have been picked. They expect the best from those who serve their customers.

“I think the more people learn the more they can appreciate the taste. It’s so important that a barista takes care of their customers by making the perfect cup of coffee because there’s been 1,000 man hours within each cup between farmers, harvesters and roasters,” Heidi Homola said.

Because the shift of ownership stayed in the family, the new owners don’t expect any large immediate changes. They will begin promoting the coffee shop with merchandise and hopefully a bigger sign in the future. Annie Hendrickson will still be in and out of the shop and will continue helping with the bakery.