SHERIDAN — After almost 21 years of service to Sheridan’s homeless and veteran communities, Kim Price decided it was time to retire. Price served multiple roles in multiple programs for Volunteers of America Northern Rockies. 

“Kim’s impact on homeless services will be felt a generation beyond her service,” said Heath Steel, VOANR chief operating officer. “We are thankful for the time she has spent with us.”

Steel was Price’s supervisor when she ran the Sheridan Homeless Shelter and worked alongside Price at different times. Steel said Price is someone he looked up to because of the way she cares for people.

Price spent nights working at the shelter, helping everyone who came to the facility. She made sure they had a warm, safe place to stay, Steel said, providing a hand up.

Price was a foundational member in setting up homeless services in the community, Steel said. Price helped open up the homeless shelter in 1998 and ran the shelter for 12 years. After that, she led Freedom Hall for five years. Freedom Hall is an 11-bed transitional home for homeless veterans. For the last three-plus years, Price has been the service coordinator for the Supportive Service for Veteran Families program. 

SSVF helps veterans that are homeless or experiencing a housing crisis. Price said that those eligible for SSVF can receive help with locating affordable housing, paying a deposit and the first month of rent and collecting basic housing supplies to get settled. Supplies could include dishes, basic cooking utensils and bedding. Price said being the service coordinator has been her most rewarding role because she has been able to see the results of the program. Price has seen veterans move into a new house and create a permanent residence.

“If I had to do it all over again, I would want to work for this agency [VOA] again,” Price said.

Price said that everyone she has worked with believed strongly in the VOA mission to help people live safe, healthy and productive lives. By working with the VOA, Price said she has been able to see people succeed in life.

But, the longtime community servant said it was time for the younger generation to grow as she did and work with the community. Price caught the retirement bug when her husband decided he was going to retire. Her husband, Kem Price, recently retired from Sheridan High School where he was a special education teacher.

Price is looking forward to being able to relax and enjoy her coffee in the morning. In her retirement, she plans to go on more camping trips and spend time with her grandkids and kids. 

Price said she wants to also stay involved with her church, which is located on the VOA campus south of Sheridan. Price is a commissioned minister through VOA and she uses the church as an opportunity to help veterans. 

Steel said Price’s service will be difficult to replace but they have had a lot of people that were able to work and grow alongside her.