JACKSON —A Connecticut man who refused an “invasive pat down search of his genitals” is suing the town of Jackson, Teton County and Jackson Hole Airport.

Jackson police Officer Nate Karnes arrested William Frey on March 12, 2018, for violating security requirements.

Frey, who has a vacation home in Jackson Hole and visits about twice a year, said his belt caused the Transportation Security Administration screening machine to alert.

Frey, in his complaint filed by attorney Seth “Turtle” Johnson, said he volunteered to take off his belt but agents insisted they additionally search his groin, upper inner thigh and the outside of his leg.

“Plaintiff stated that he believed that touching his groin without his consent would constitute an illegal sexual assault and that he would not consent to anyone touching his groin,” the complaint states. Airport security employees called Officer Karnes, who was working patrol at the airport.

“The plaintiff again refused Defendant Karnes’ demand for an invasive pat down search and informed Officer Karnes that if anyone touched his groin without his consent he would sue,” the complaint states.

Frey also claims that Karnes placed him in a “painful wrist-lock” that still causes him pain.

“The plaintiff was arrested by Officer Karnes and transported to the Teton County Jail and detained for a period of several hours,” a brief filed by Johnson last week in opposition to defendant’s motion to dismiss states. “At the jail the plaintiff was repeatedly subjected to harassment and interrogation and was denied access to counsel.”

Municipal Court Judge Melissa Owens later dismissed the charges against Frey, according to court documents.


By Emily Mieure

Jackson Hole News&Guide Via Wyoming News Exchange