Shame on The Press

Re: Editorial cartoon

In the weekend edition of The Press, The Press published the most scurrilous, libelous political cartoon about President Trump’s outgoing press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Strange.

I’ve never seen The Press publish such raw sewage about any of the Democrat darlings. Has The Press decided to join the “Destroy Trump at all cost movement”?

Rather than attack any of your dubious Democrat darlings, you chose to attack a decent, honorable, Christian lady who believes in God, country and family.

Veritas has been replaced by “anything goes.” Shame on you.

John Fafoutakis



All women don’t appear to be equal

Re: June 15 editorial cartoon

In the Sheridan Press, we often read about the enthusiasm for the progress women are making in our society. Reports abound as to FAB (For. About. By. Women), woman’s equality day, equal pay for women, etc.

But then I noticed last weekend a scandalous cartoon in The Press depicting departing White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders as a “professional liar,” even listing her name as “Sarah Huckster Sandbag.” Whoever decided to run this Saul Alinsky type “cartoon” in The Press needs to be asked some serious questions.

First, what exactly did this very successful woman do to merit such obnoxious ridicule? Perhaps it was that she refused to kowtow to the whims of the Democrat stenographers in the White House Press Corps. Or maybe her support for the hated Donald Trump earned her such scorn?

Second, doesn’t your paper enthusiastically encourage women to pursue their professional goals with a level of zeal formerly reserved only for men? Ms. Huckabee Sanders appears to have achieved significant success in her chosen field, so what makes her efforts to succeed different from others you’ve routinely praised?

Third, by publishing such an unprofessional and infantile caricature of a highly successful woman are you not perhaps also tacitly supporting the current effort by the left at destroying her career by having lunatic “activists” threaten boycotts of corporate entities which might hire her?

In short, it appears that you are participating in a longstanding effort of the left to denigrate, mock and ridicule any woman who dares hold conservative beliefs and who has the audacity to act on her personal convictions. Ms. Huckabee Sanders is but one in a long list of pro-life, conservative women who have been publicly excoriated for straying off the progressive reservation.

Hopefully you will pause in the future before inadvertently participating in such Soviet-style attempts at destroying an honorable person for failing to toe the party line.

Vera Cole