Woman pleads guilty to child endangerment

SHERIDAN — A Sheridan woman was arrested Saturday and pleaded guilty to child endangerment Monday in Sheridan County Circuit Court.

Ashley Voegele, 27, was sentenced to one year of unsupervised probation and fined $705. The 180-day jail time was suspended pending the completion of her probation. Visitations with her infant will be supervised through the Wyoming Department of Family Services.

Court documents said a resident of Ranchester contacted the Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office after she found a 3-month-old infant in a toilet in the bathroom of her residence. The person heard the infant crying and went to check on the situation. The infant was identified to be the child of Voegele.

Voegele was asleep in a downstairs bedroom when Rocky Mountain Ambulance and an SCSO deputy arrived at the location. The resident was allowing Voegele and her infant to stay the night in their residence.

Court documents said Voegele was incoherent and appeared intoxicated as she would not acknowledge the presence of RMA or law enforcement. Once she became aware of the seriousness of the situation, she became cogent. Her speech was slurred and alcohol could be smelled on her breath. During court, Voegele said she did not remember how her infant got in the bathroom.


Hit and run driver arrested

SHERIDAN— A Sheridan man was arrested for hit and run, driving under the influence, driving without an interlock device and interference with a peace officer.

Chad Schamber, 50, pleaded guilty in Sheridan County Circuit Court to the hit and run, DUI and driving without an interlock device. The interference with a peace officer charge was dismissed.

Schamber was driving the vehicle and hit another car. He then exited the vehicle and fled the scene on foot. He was then arrested by the Sheridan Police Department.

This was his third DUI in 10 years, resulting in a felony charge.

Schamber was on probation after being arrested for DUI October 11, 2018, in Sheridan. Part of his probation was to have an interlock device installed in the vehicle he drives. This, along with the consumption of alcohol, violates his probation.

Schamber will attend a hearing in 4th Judicial District Court to review his probation violation. He had a 105-day jail sentence suspended for probation.

Sentencing for the three new charges will be determined after a substance evaluation is conducted. He was given a $5,000 cash only bond.


Agreement met in unlawful taking of deer

SHERIDAN— Cameron Rideshorse pleaded guilty to taking a deer without a license and interfering with a peace officer in Sheridan County Circuit Court Tuesday.

Court documents said on December 30 Rideshorse was charged with the two counts he pleaded guilty to along with shooting across or on a road and hunting on a property without permission.

Rideshorse had 180 days in jail suspended and 90 days in jail suspend and was given one year of unsupervised probation for both charges. The probations will run consecutively with each other, lasting a total of two years.

Rideshorse was fined $2,500 in restitution paid to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department within 10 days.

He was fined $3,005 and has until the end of his probation to pay.