SHERIDAN — After recovering from an injury that cut his Army career short and spending the last decade working in IT, David Schlenker is ready to serve his community.

Schlenker was sworn in in as a Sheridan Police Department officer at 1 p.m. in Sheridan City Hall June 11.

“I chose Sheridan because it is the town we live in and it is a great community,” Schlenker said. “The department has a good reputation with the community and I wanted to be a part of it.”

Schlenker and his wife, Christine Schlenker, moved here from Cody. Christine Schlenker works at Weatherby as a graphic designer.

After growing up in Meeteetse, Schlenker joined the U.S. Army. While participating in training, he suffered an injury that would end his career in the Army after two years.

Schlenker then entered the telecommunications field and did IT work. Wanting a new discipline of work, Schlenker decided to become a police officer.

“I am excited about this; there is a lot to learn,” Schlenker said. “There will be a big learning curve with being the new guy coming off the street, but I am excited for the nature of the work and excited to interact with the town of Sheridan.”

SPD Chief Rich Adriaens said that Schlenker matches well with other members of the department because of his outdoor lifestyle of hunting and fishing. Something that most officer in SPD have in common.

Adriaens is excited to have Schlenker joining the SPD and will put him to work early by sending him off to training in Douglas.

He will be in Douglas from August through November to complete the 12-week course.

Being a police officer is a job that requires long hours and a lot of support from the officer’s family, Adriaens said.

To help symbolize the support from the family to the loved one joining the police force, it has become a tradition for a family member pin the badge on to the officer after he takes his oath, Adriaens said.

After Schlenker took his oath to become an SPD officer, Christine Schlenker attached the badge to his uniform, completing the ceremony and Schlenker’s entrance into the force.

Other family members in attendance to support Schlenker were his two sons and his mother.