SHERIDAN — On March 18, there was a farmer’s traffic jam on Fifth Street, and every vehicle was green and yellow. With the help of 40 people from various partnering locations, C&B Operations, LLC picked up and moved every piece of equipment to their new location at 2491 Heartland Dr.

C&B Operations, LLC, formerly known as Sheridan County Implement, has been a pillar in the community since 2000.

As their busiest time of the year is in full swing, the need of equipment for haying, irrigating, lawn work, dirt work and everything in between is in greater demand.

But even with a massive move and changes company wide, Store Manager Andy Ward, doesn’t think the company will miss a beat.

The new location comes with a store room that has more than doubled from their previous location. They now have a larger amount of inventory and a bigger parts warehouse. After the lease ended at their previous location, they jumped at the chance to buy the property they now own.

“The shop is tremendously bigger, and we have overhead cranes, so it’s going to cost our customers less money to get repairs done,” Ward said.

C&B Operations, LLC manages 37 different John Deere dealerships in six different states across the Midwest, and the Sheridan location is one of two in Wyoming. In 1988, co-owners Dan Cronin and Rod Burwell purchased their first John Deere store in Gettysburg, South Dakota, to maintain a John Deere dealership in Dan’s hometown.

Thirty years later, the company has come full circle. They are no longer just trying to keep dealerships open but are expanding with full force. As of 2018, they have rebranded all 37 operations as C&B Operations and are currently expanding many of their stores.

The grand opening was three days long, and they estimated to have greeted more than 500 people into the new storefront.