All of my reporters could tell you I’m most often seen with earbuds in at any point during the workday. Whether to drown out the morning bustle of the newsroom, to boost my mood or zero-in on the task at hand, music almost always fuels my workday.

Recently, I’ve been scanning through my hand-crafted Spotify playlists for my upcoming wedding. Each time the next song hits my ears, butterflies flutter in my stomach and I’m rejuvenated.

Although I’m grateful to be a print journalist, I’ve always thought maybe I should have tried my hand at DJing beyond high school dances as student council co-president or my short stint at the college online radio station, fronting as DJ A.Foxy. Maybe I’ll stick to my Spotify turntable.

I’ve also been known to stop mid-sentence in a conversation at a restaurant and point to the ceiling, wanting those enjoying a meal with me to recognize the great song playing over the loudspeakers. Rude, I know, but this points out the main focus of this column — music is an essential part of a business, event or workflow.

I’m sure not everyone in the world is as attuned to playlists in storefronts as I am, but the music — even subconsciously — sets the tone for a business. For example, as my best friend was getting her hair done for her wedding June 1, the music playing above her was a Lumineers soundtrack. The hairdresser, when one of us in the group had pointed out our agreeance with his choices, said, ‘I figured this would suit Brooke’s day best.’


This particular hairdresser had an important role to play in the bride’s day and took it one extra step to create a comfortable atmosphere, largely with his music choices.

Similarly, an owner can help craft the culture of their business by tuning in to the music they play. When I’m at a coffee shop, alternative and acoustic coffeehouse feels are a must. If I’m indulging in some Buffalo Wild Wings honey barbecues, you better believe there should be great rockabilly or tailgate tunes fueling my dinner conversation.

The same goes with an event. The Sheridan Press Tailgate Party in the fall? All the best sports movie scores and soundtracks you can imagine. Work or study time? Pull out the classical music or, again, movie scores.

As I continue to perfect my wedding, pre-wedding and post-wedding playlists in the next 18 days, you can be sure I’m picturing the people, places, smells, sights, sounds and emotional states of the people for which I’m creating the playlist.

A good mix of sweet, sentimental throwbacks to spark a tear or dance-off with loyal friends; country swing to encourage everyone onto the dance floor; and all-out dance party jams for the older Millennials and their parents make for my perfect playlist. Of course, my choice of eclectic sounds won’t appeal to the masses but that’s the point. I’m helping attract those I know will appreciate and understand the meaning behind the music.

Tune in, turn it up and take a second to consider the music fueling your fun this summer.