SHERIDAN —Strong history comes with great responsibility. Three young men: Trevor Clark, Tucker Goss and Matthew Gilbert know this to be true. The trio cut the ribbon for a grand reopening of Sheridan Iron Works Saturday. They understand the expectations are high for the business.

With the help of friends and family, and owner Derek Gilbert, the group was able to renovate the building. The 113-year-old building that once housed fabrication equipment had layers of debris, soot and grease, that needed to be stripped clean.

Tucker Goss, one of the three managers, described the cleanup as an uphill battle.

“They cleaned it up a lot but it just turned into a can of worms, there was more, and more to it as we went,” recalled Goss. “Lots of conduit, lots of plumbing, a lot of pressure washing the walls. It took a lot to get where it needed to be today.”

The grand reopening was rescheduled from September to February, to now June. The finishing touches on the makeover of the building included refinished floors and a new ceiling.

In the near future, the storage building in the back of the property will be torn down, pieced out for materials and left open for storage and parking. The upstairs will have metal racks extracted that are structural support on the top floor. The plan is to house an apartment that’s rentable in the future.

Because they have been shuffling work in and out of the shop before the opening, the men have already created a strong clientele with local business and community members who need things fixed or created.

“It’s been cool to be a part of, because I know with the quality we strive to provide that it’s going to be there for a long time, and I’m proud to be there when we did it,” Goss said

So far, Sheridan Iron Works has teamed up on local projects with Alpha Graphics, Smith Alley Brewing Company and the city of Sheridan, just to name a few.

Building owner Derek Gilbert has full faith in the three young men who are working hard to uphold the tradition.

“I’m really excited by it because Tucker is a super motivated kid and I think these guys getting after it so young in life and seemingly so professional will go far,” Gilbert said. “I’ve seen the work they do; they do really good work. I’m hopeful that they’ll be working out of this great place for decades to come.”

Sheridan Iron Works is investing in the city and it’s youth. They hope to start weekend classes in the future.

“I’m excited to not just benefit from the company by customers paying me, but I’m excited to benefit other people to that scale,” Goss said. “I want to make an impression on our community.”

Goss, Clark and Gilbert are officially open for business and welcome walk-ins or calls.