HANNA – Ground was officially broken for Rocky Mountain Power’s Energy Vision 2020 at their Seven Mile Wind Farm last week.

With the June 5 groundbreaking behind them, Rocky Mountain Power’s next step is a spree of construction across the state, with three new wind farms being added, rebuilding existing wind farms to become more productive, along with more than 140 miles of new transmission line, all to be completed before the end of 2020.

The official ceremony began with speeches from Rocky Mountain Power executives describing the long struggle to bring Energy Vision 2020 into reality, and their commitment to the future of Wyoming.

“We’re going to be here for a long time,” said Chad Teply, senior vice president of Strategy and Development. Carbon County Commissioner John Johnson also took the stage in praise of Rocky Mountain Power’s willingness to work through the concerns of commissioners, landowners, and private citizens.

Finally, Nancy Anderson, a local historian, concluded the ceremony by describing the rolling hills of Carbon County stand as a crossroad of American History, finishing her speech by stating wind power is was the next great frontier for both Wyoming and the nation as a whole.


By Dean Michael

Rawlins Times Via Wyoming News Exchange