Outreach service valuable

Re: Library offerings

I would like to thank the library board for their recent decision to continue the outreach program for this coming year.

One behalf of the many homebound seniors who use this wonderful service, we are all truly grateful. I will miss my visits with Judy Armstrong and I look forward to meeting new people.

Barbara Oedekoven



Need congressional support


Coal has been part of Wyoming’s history and economy and of my family history for more than 100 years, but the mining that was done before modern industry practices and safety regulations has left behind numerous old mine sites that need to be reclaimed. Once reclaimed and restored, these lands can be used for agriculture, recreation or tourism. The Kleenburn Ponds are a great example of this work, which was accomplished with Abandoned Mine Land funds. Old coal pits were transformed into nearby fishing ponds perfect for family outings.

AML funds help Wyoming by allowing us to safely utilize these old mine sites and by creating jobs during the reclamation work, which can’t be overlooked. It’s a win-win situation for the state. The old Acme Power Plant is another example of how AML funds could be used to clean up an old, hazardous site and turn it into something that benefits the whole community. As we all know from the community meetings, the cleanup of the Acme Plant will be a lengthy and expensive project.

This is why we must encourage Rep. Liz Cheney, Sen. Mike Enzi, and Sen. John Barrasso to support the RECLAIM Act, which is before Congress right now. This bill, which has been introduced in both the House and Senate, will help Wyoming get more AML funds sooner rather than later, which will help us proceed with these reclamation projects. There is no downside for Wyoming — we need to pass the RECLAIM Act.

Joan Tellez



Fake news industry
may be unraveling

Re: Pew Research poll

A new Pew Research poll has found that a majority of Americans surveyed consider fake news to be a serious problem. I’m shocked that people are just now figuring this out.

CBS News obnoxiously leads their radio news hourly reports with a tagline: “Real News, Real Reporting.” CNN continues to echo their laughable mantra “The Most Trusted Name in News” while providing constant cover for the likes of Hillary Clinton despite her clear violations of 18 USC Section 793(d). The New York Times still heralds the paper as “All the News That’s Fit to Print.” Really, who’s the arbiter of that?

Ironically, the louder and more forcefully the “mainstream” media scream such inane slogans, the less accurate and objective their “reporting” seems to get. Perhaps the most (in)famous example of this has been the over-the-top coverage of the “Russian collusion” hoax. One hopes that Attorney General Barr and his associates will now follow the trail of real evidence wherever it leads. It’s time to hold to account those responsible for violating their oaths of office and unmask their biased media supporters to the public shame and ridicule they richly deserve.

This unholy alliance between an in-the-tank media and the left wing of the Democrat Party reminds me of an old Russian joke from the Soviet era. A fellow told a friend that he was going to see two doctors — one eye doctor and one hearing specialist. When queried by his friend as to why those two physicians, the guy answered, “Because what I’m seeing in this country doesn’t come close to matching what I’m hearing.”

That anecdote just might be relevant to us in America today as we see a genuine emergency on our southern border described by Democrat politicians (and parroted by their media shills) as a “concocted crisis.” Another example is their accusation that Donald Trump “colluded with Russia” despite clear evidence that it was the Clinton campaign which used a phony “dossier” likely provided by Russian intelligence to give their allies in the DOJ and FBI a false predicate for a counter-intelligence investigation against the Trump campaign. These and many other blatant falsifications have been enthusiastically supported and trumpeted by the left’s so-called “journalists.”

What America needs now is for all this duplicity and hubris to be exposed and labeled for what it is and has been for some time now: propaganda disguised as “news.”

Charles Cole