Regardless of the time of year, Sheridan has a wide array of drink options at its three breweries.

However, a beer won’t always satiate the palate. For people not inclined to drink or those not of legal age, there are different non-alcoholic options in which to indulge.


Black Tooth Brewing Company

Black Tooth focuses on craft beers, so it offers Pepsi, Coke and Diet Coke. Lemonade is also an option to include in summer shandy beers.

The indoor seating area at Black Tooth is 21 and older, but outdoor patio seating in warmer months is available to all ages. Paired with the additional seating and warmer weather, soda is more popular in summer months at Black Tooth.

General manager Jesse Woods said the company has considered making a craft root beer but doesn’t have room at the moment due to its focus on adult beverages.

“When you’ve got beer flowing through them and there’s no more taps available to make anything else, that’s a good problem to have,” Woods said.


Luminous Brewhouse

As the only brewery that offers soda made in-house, Luminous serves homemade root beer alongside kombucha imported from Lone Pine Kombucha in Rapid City, South Dakota. Black Mountain Coffee is available as well.

Taproom manager Kathryn Law said the establishment purposefully aims to be family-friendly — a section of the building is open to all ages — and has made a concerted effort to have several non-alcoholic drink options to help improve the comfort level of people who don’t imbibe alcohol.

“We wanted to create a space of inclusion,” Law said.

Law said root beer is the seventh-most popular drink at Luminous — with higher sales than several beers — and has its own keg and lines.

The kombucha, a fermented drink often made with tea, sits in a separate fridge with a tap line and essentially has no alcohol. The brewery offers two flavors at a time on a rotating basis. Options include pineapple, acai, pomegranate and elderberry. The brewery also serves “booch beer,” which combines kombucha with an alcohol option to resemble a sour beer.


Smith Alley Brew Co.

The newest brewery in town opened in early 2019. In addition to Pepsi products, Smith Alley has two tap options — root beer and orange cream — from Rocky Mountain Soda, a newer Colorado-based craft company. The orange cream soda has a clear color but unmistakable orange flavoring.

The brewery is open to all ages, so assistant manager Devan Hayen said the business decided to offer plentiful soda choices to make it more family-friendly.

Rocky Mountain ships the soda up from Denver. The soft drinks are stored in a bag-in-box container, which holds a bag of syrup for the soda. It is then pumped with carbonation and soda water before going into a fresh glass.

Hayen said the root beer has been Smith Alley’s most popular soda offering.

“I knew it would be popular, but we’re really surprised with how much everybody is really gravitating toward it,” Hayen said. “… Parents will come in because they’re like, ‘My kids won’t quit talking about it.’”

While root beer is a hit with both kids and adults, children are more inclined to drink orange cream soda.

“We’ve had a mom and a couple kids come in here before just to get soda to go, because the kids like it so much,” Hayen said.