Disappointment in Sheridan changes

Re: Warnke diorama, park, etc.

Reading Mr. Tom Warnke’s letter (April 26, 2019) was disheartening to many Sheridan people. I can‘t even imagine how much time and money went into this project, but I, myself, would have loved to have seen the Rosebud diorama. What gives these people the right to trash the diorama? Do we know? Mr. Warnke, we all know what’s been happening to our beautiful Sheridan. We’ve seen a huge change in our town and it should be stopped now.

I, for one, miss our beautiful small town of Sheridan (1965-1995 ). Look at our park, do you remember the beautiful animals we had there? Monkeys, lion, bear, etc. Many people are asking who took the road out and why? A lot of people can’t drive up for ice cream, mingle with other people or just sit and watch what’s going on. We don’t have a senior center anymore. Maybe a handful of seniors were asked about changing it’s name to The Hub, many people voiced their disgust about this. We asked (at one time) to build a children’s arcade, but were told the kids would tear it apart. So let’s share our beautiful senior center with the kids and let them ruin it.

The man that moved to Sheridan and wanted to make it a building code to put overhead sprinkler systems in each new home built, give me a break. If the city has its way about the people of Sheridan being charged more to dump big items, those that can’t afford it will possibly just leave the garbage in their yards. How about the nasty fluoride in Sheridan’s water system? I doubt if this idea came from a Sheridanite.

Please Sheridanites raise your voices and get to the bottom of things. We know what’s happening. Remember when we could call a doctor and make an appointment? I hear people complaining about this all the time. Remember Dr. Rojo, Dr. Arras, Dr. Rhodes, Dr. Will Shunk, Dr. Pete Shunk, Dr. Adams, Dr. Jake Batty — there were so many that had their own doctors offices.

Sheridan isn’t a Denver, New York City or any other huge city.

Even my hometown in Alaska has many doctors offices. It’s not a thing of the past, some people just wanted to change things to what they thought was better. I’ll be surprised if this gets printed in whole at The Press.

Cyd Linda Marie Frigo



Celebrate the restoration of freedom

Re: Fluoride debate

The freedom to choose pure water was returned to the people of Sheridan. Our natural right to decide for ourselves was restored. That’s as it should be in a free country. The previous council took away our freedom to choose; the new one corrected the mistake. Thank you.

While the council may have used the survey as “political cover” and some were merely “following the will of the people”; the vote to restore our rights should have been the same, no matter how the survey came out. Why, because we live in a republic, not a democracy, where individual rights are protected.

Even a 99 percent majority cannot vote to take away the rights of a single individual. If 200 people had voted the other way, should the council have voted to continue? Absolutely not!

Using government to force the will of some people on others is wrong. It’s called the “tyranny of the majority” where the 51 percent majority imposes their will on the 49 percent “minority”.

It’s the fatal flaw of a democracy that our founders knew well and so created a republic that held individual rights as supreme.

We elect representatives to protect our rights, not usurp them. Even if one person had objected, the council should have voted to protect her individual right to decide what enters her home.

This issue was about freedom and our republican form of government. The water additive became a catalyst because it was forced on us by an over-reaching government. After two elections we have people who understand the principles of individual liberty and limited government.

Let’s celebrate our return to freedom and move on.

Dennis Fox