SHERIDAN — A Sheridan-based band will be performing with an international artist at the WYO Performing Arts and Education Center soon. The Two Tracks, a band that started here in Sheridan, has arranged a tour with Scottish singer and songwriter Dean Owens. The group is set to play their arrangement on May 17.

The Two Tracks have been performing regularly at the WYO for the last couple years, but this time the musical group is mixing up their routine and will be joined by the one-man-band Dean Owens. The two met at a festival in South Carolina and bonded over their shared music genre. Both artists are known for their Americana style.

“We’ve worked with the same producer and after we met we decided to dig into some of his music. He really caught our eye…we couldn’t believe how incredible he was,” said Dave Huebner, vocalist for The Two Tracks. “We invited him out to Wyoming to do some shows. He normally doesn’t perform with a band so we thought it’d be cool to flesh out his tunes for everyone as a background band.”

Owens performs Americana as well and recently won the United Kingdom Song of the Year award for that genre. Some of his new songs, like “Southern Wind,” have been gaining popularity. Being from Scotland, there was a little bit of difficulty with the tour in the western United States.

“Well first of all, he can’t drive. He just straight up told us that he couldn’t drive,” Huebner said. “And we’ve been very busy, super busy. We’re set to be recording a new album of our own here.”

Julie Szewc, also a vocalist for The Two Tracks, seemed particularly excited about the tour.

“It was a lot of work and a lot of back and forth through our agents but I think it’ll be worth it,” Szewc said. “We’re a finely-tuned machine, though, when it comes to touring.”

The Two Tracks and Dean Owens will be attending about another half dozen venues in the Wyoming and Montana area besides the WYO. According to Huebner, the group put 35,000 miles on their vehicle last touring season alone.

“We’ve got a lot of new tunes. Our main expectation is to be able to share our music in some of the better listening rooms around the area,” Szewc said. “Of course, we always want to share our music with new people. Hopefully we can get some more people into Dean and his work, too.”

The band is hopeful in their ability to fill up the WYO. With the group ready to record two new albums and building an even stronger listening base, adding Owens should put them over the top.


By Marissa Brenneman