This week, despite the recent drab weather, we’ll step outside the confines of the normal cooking arena and take you to the great outdoors, a favorite location for most Sheridanites in the upcoming spring and summer seasons — if we can officially shake the snow and rain.

A staple of my summer is tin foil. The durable material suits me much better than the ever-tangled plastic wrap and withstands the burning coals of a campfire — mmm, I can smell it now. My $7 Walmart specialty cast iron skillet is often packed for a trip up the mountain, but for less prep while in the woods, more tailoring for each individual camper and less weight for the backpacking-types, foil packet meals are a great way to satisfy all palettes.

Adjust this novice-level recipe to fit your specific tastes, and enjoy time around the campfire with friends and family. This meal can also easily be transferred to the backyard grill.




Package of heavy-duty tin foil

Camping cutlery (or regular if preparing at home)

Hot pads, long tongs or two strong sticks from the woods (to save hands from burning after roasting)


Ingredients (serves two hearty eaters)

2 pounds of raw meat (an elk steak and shrimp combo is my personal favorite)

1 large broccoli floret

2 bell peppers of your color preference

2 handfuls of Brussels sprouts, shucked and cut in half

Olive oil (enough to lightly cover ingredients)

Balsamic vinegar (a gracious dash for each packet)

Garlic powder to taste

Lawry’s seasoned salt to taste

Black pepper to taste



Slice or dice all vegetables into bite-sized pieces. Either package separately by vegetable type into plastic baggies or divvy up evenly among layered pieces of tin foil to cater to each person’s desired taste combinations.

Graciously season choice meat, then add a dash of balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Either package separately in a plastic baggie or divide evenly atop already-divided vegetables in the foil packets.

If packaged separately in preparation for camping, pack prepared food in a cooler with ice packs appropriate for your travel plans. Pack foil without the box to save room, or create and pack pre-cut sheets of tin foil.

Once packets are filled with ingredients, fold foil tightly over the food while still being able to open effectively to check meat doneness.

Place foil packets on hot coals in a fire pit or on the grill. Cook to desired doneness of vegetables and meat. Brussels sprouts, if used, should be cooked until they are soft.

Remove foil packets with tongs, hot pads or sticks. Let cool on a rock or tray for a few minutes.

Open foil packets and enjoy.