SHERIDAN — Despite the snow earlier this week, May and the ensuing months offer more consistent, warmer weather. Rising temperatures provide more chances for local residents to step outside and luxuriate in Mother Nature for extended periods of time.

With that in mind, The Sheridan Press asked several people to share their favorite outdoor summer activities. 


Alex Mansur, Bighorn Design marketing manager

Mansur enjoys hiking with her dog in the Bighorn Mountains, particularly near Buffalo at the West Tensleep Trailhead. She originally hails from Gillette and appreciates the proximity to mountainous trails now that she resides in Sheridan.

Mansur also likes fishing, either on her own or with friends. She often hikes in the mountains with a fishing pole in hand. Mansur prefers angling in high alpine areas, though she learned to fly fish last year and is doing that more often.


Susan Heyneman, retired

Heyneman prefers walking on the pathways in town and parks around Sheridan. She likes exercising with others at the South Park Recreation Area and favors walking her dog at the less crowded North Park.


Steen Avery, salesperson at The Sport Stop

Avery likes playing soccer and ultimate frisbee with friends. Kendrick Park and Whitney Commons are his go-to areas for ultimate frisbee, a sport he first learned during physical education class in middle school.

He enjoys ultimate frisbee’s fun, competitive nature and appreciates the workout it provides with friends.


Dr. Sy Thickman, retired

Thickman said he likes to walk on the pathways and park around town but also tries to hike in the Bighorn Mountains when he can. Thickman has adjusted his physical activities with age — in his younger days, Thickman participated in sports like tennis — over the years and continues to stay active.

He said his favorite hiking area lies a few hours away in Grand Teton National Park near Jenny Lake.


Michelle Maneval, manager at The Sport Stop

Maneval said she equally enjoys hiking and biking, preferably on trails in the Bighorn Mountains. She greatly prefers soft-surface trails rather than paved walkways because areas consisting of grass, dirt or gravel make it easier to exercise on with lower impact.


Answers differed, but regardless of a person’s preference, they made a point of venturing outside to take in the natural surroundings, be it in town, the mountains or elsewhere in the state.