SHERIDAN — This summer marks Landon’s Greenhouse, Nursery and Landscaping’s 40th year of business. The local greenhouse has bloomed and thrived since its opening in 1979 and will be seeing big changes by this winter.

Landon’s was founded by Jack and Kathy Landon in 1979 in Big Horn. The business began with just four acres. The Landons sold the business 19 years after opening to Wayne Gray, Janelle Gray and Phil Gilmore.

The business moved closer to town in 2000 to its current location, 505 College Meadows Drive. Their old facility now houses seven greenhouses and functions as the store’s growing facility, although that will be changing shortly. In 2014, Wayne Gray sold his shares to Keith and Jennifer Kershaw. Keith Kershaw has plenty of experience with gardening and he has been acting as general manager for the business for a little more than a year now.

“We try our best to grow as much as we can from seeds or cuts or plugs,” Kershaw said. “That’s what makes us unique compared to other garden centers… we’re growing everything we can.”

Currently, Landon’s is the only garden store in town that grows its own product. By cutting out the middleman, Landon’s has attracted a quality staff and customer base.

“Our employees really care about what they’re doing… they have to go through programs to become certified and all else,” Kershaw said. “We’re constantly doing what’s best for our customers.”

It’s this level of expertise and effort that connects the staff with the community. As an example of the trust between Sheridan people and Landon’s employees, Kershaw recounts the numerous times he or others were recognized in public.

“I’ll be asked about tomato plants the middle of Walmart,” Kershaw said. “We’re very connected with the community and it’s because of the quality of the services we provide. We provide pretty extensive amount of services, too.”

Among those services is the farmers market Landon’s hosts every Saturday. This market differs from those hosted on Grinnell Plaza during the summer in that they are held year-round and they feature edible-only products. Landon’s has established a strong and cooperative relationship with the Downtown Sheridan Association to put on events most effectively for both parties.

“There’s a lot of community support for farmers and a lot of the vendors are shared between the two farmers markets,” said Zoila Perry, executive director of the DSA. “We’ve built a strong relationship between Landon’s and the DSA and hold farmers markets with the common goal to support local food.”

To improve their services further, Landon’s will be leaving their old growing facility by the end of 2019. The business is in the process of setting up a new growing facility on the site of their commercial building. The staff will no longer have to travel in and out of town because everything will be in one location. As of right now, their facility is capable of growing a wide range of perennial and annual plants and trees, including 34 varieties of tomatoes and 70 thousand petunias.

“Everyone wants a beautiful garden and they’re the experts,” Perry said.

Landon’s has proven that long-term success in Sheridan comes from a connection with its community and quality service.


By Marissa Brenneman