SHELL— Shell Recreation Development, LLC, wants to introduce bicycle trails to recreationalists everywhere. The Bad Medicine Bike Ride, which is being produced in cooperation with the people who produce the Dead Swede Hundo — set for June this year — is Shell Recreation Development’s first major event.

“The state of Wyoming has been working to diversify its economic base, and one of the keys to this is taking advantage of the outdoor recreation opportunities that are, literally, outside our back doors,” said Jeff Grant, co-founder of the development. “We want people to see what our area has to offer and also provide a fun event for bike enthusiasts and locals.”

The inaugural Bad Medicine Bike Ride is a gravel grinders ride that will use existing gravel roads, existing trails and some asphalt roads. It will be held Sept. 14 and will originate/terminate in Shell. There will be rides for everyone: 90 miles, which includes terrain up and over the Bighorn Mountains, 55 miles , also including terrain up and over the Bighorn Mountains and a 20-miler for youth and beginners.

“We hope that this inaugural event will turn into an annual event and will allow us to expand into other events like this one,” said Kevin Clark, co-founder of the development. “We believe that this event will introduce the Shell area to people and introduce them to the year-round recreation opportunities in our area.”

Grant added that the group will continue working with the state of Wyoming and the Bighorn Basin Outdoor Recreation Collaborative to eventually help map trails around Shell to make it easier for others to enjoy. Bad Medicine Bike Ride participants will be able to lodge in the Shell area — including Shell Campground and elsewhere — they will enjoy a meal after their ride and there will be a post-ride “block party” that includes live entertainment. The public is invited to attend the block party, where food and beverages will be available for purchase.

Registration for the Bad Medicine Bike Rides opens June 14. For more information, see