We must all do better

Re: Acceptance of all

Thanks for the article of April 10 on UW’s courageous Cathy Connolly. At least from the standpoint of the University of Wyoming and the citizens of Albany County, it restored my faith in the humanity of the state in which I was born and raised. To be sure, this is a faith which has been sorely tested over the past few years beginning with the Mathew Sheppard murder, the embarrassing reference to Wyoming in the movie “Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri” and, most recently, with a young man racing out of the steamroom of the “Gold Room” of our Sheridan YMCA yelling “Hey guys, there’s a queer in there!”

The bad news is that none of us, including myself, confronted the speaker of this outrageous condemnation of a fellow human being. We need to do better.

We are different but not less perfect in the eyes of God.

Dick and Lynn Cheney have had a glimpse of this. Let’s hope that they and we, like Cathy Connolly, will come to understand this.

Stu Healy