No plan for health care

Re: Wyoming, GOP

Wyoming Sen. John Barrasso said a GOP plan would include ensuring people can “buy insurance that works for them and their families and is affordable” (CNN April 6, 2019).

So, Sen. Barrasso (MD) has been working on a GOP plan for health care for 10 years now? I think rather Wyoming’s junior senator is fine with the status quo and just rages on about the failure of the Affordable Care Act. There is no GOP plan. There is no Wyoming GOP health care plan. There is a GOP plan endorsed by Sen. Barrasso and put forward by our revenue slashing hero Sen. Enzi to slash Medicare benefits by a simple numerical value threatening the viability of our Wyoming care system.

If Sen. Barrasso had an inkling of a plan that could have put the health care plan developed by Democrats and Obamacare in the trash heap, we would have heard about it in the 2018 election with his safe seat. With the millions of dollars the Senator raises nearly every year he could have bought up election coverage in Denver, Salt Lake, Billings and Rapid City to advance his re-election while making a GOP health care footprint unlike any other. It would have grabbed national headlines influenced many of the suburban and blue-collar voters in tight House races in Middle America. But the GOP plan is a plan of “no.” No Obamacare, no affordable care, no public care and no control, but the markets and deregulation for the pharmaceutical industry.

I am one of the lucky few retired oil and gas workers in Wyoming that had health insurance; few, because it took working for a global corporation and my paychecks in my adult life came from Houston, Calgary and Denver. Our Wyoming delegation making affordable health care more unobtainable to Wyoming workers makes single payer or Medicare for All inevitable.

Rob Davidson



Disappointed in loss of diorama

Re: Rosebud project

We are writing this letter in regard to Tom Warnke’s April 13 letter regarding the diorama. We cannot believe that anyone would not repair/recover the damages done to the Rosebud during the museum’s remodel. 

It is truly devastating that such an important part of our local history is lost because of a person’s thoughtless disregard for another’s long hours, patience and tedious work to design and build a replica of that part of our history.

Better get a new executive director and nine new members of the board of directors before our local history is lost forever. Are these people running our local museum transplants here? If so, maybe they need to return from where they came. You did an awesome depiction of historical times on all dioramas you created, Tom. It truly makes one sick to see such a lack of appreciation for you and your dedicated team’s productions. We want to say “thank you” for all you’ve done for Sheridan and the tourism that this community is so gung-ho about. Let’s just hope we get another director who will truly appreciate the work and efforts to preserve our local history before it’s too late.

Fred and Sandy Prunty



Disappointed not strong enough

Re: Loss of diorama

To say disappointing can’t begin to touch on this loss. I had no work or assembly of this historic piece of work but was amazed at the time, research and expenses that Mr. Warnke and his people put in this piece. Known the world over for Mr. Warnke’s talent and his detail to history, this diorama would have been welcome I’m sure in any museum in our country.

I agree the least they could have done is notified him or someone before its removal as it was a very expensive piece of work. Anyone should have been able to see this and its history just by looking at it.

As shocked and sad to hear of this destruction, I am sick to know what the new director allowed to happen. May Tom and his people know that the years we viewed and knew this history she can’t erase this from our minds and hearts. So sorry Tom!

Jo Legerski