Tapestry Dance Company to perform at WYO

SHERIDAN — Tapestry Dance Company will come to the WYO Performing Arts and Education Center Saturday at 7:30 p.m.

Students and adults across Sheridan and the surrounding area will learn to tap their feet in syncopated time with the world’s only full-time professional repertory dance company.

Working in a collaborative playground with the dancers of Tapestry, this new work presents a rhythmic journey based on a concept and definition of “taking that first step in changing the world for the better — one step at a time.”

Where have we been, what are we doing, where are we going, and how do we get there? are just some of the questions that have brought unique rhythmic responses not only from the pallet of director/choreographer Acia Gray but some of the best young tap dancers on the international stage today — the members of Tapestry Dance Company.

Not only are these artists presenting new ensemble work within the entire evening but their own choreography and improvisation all responding to the challenge of our time spent as Americans.

The show is suitable for all ages. Tickets are $20 for adults, $18 for seniors/military and $12 for students, and can be purchased at the WYO box office or online at www.wyotheater.com.

The WYO is located at 42 N. Main St.


Landon’s workshops to focus on microgreens, water conservation

SHERIDAN — Landon’s Greenhouse, Nursery and Landscaping will continue its spring workshops Saturday.

During the 1 p.m. session, farmers market vendors Joe Wesnitzer and Rachel and Luc Bourgault will talk about growing and using microgreens. Participants will learn the difference between sprouts, soil sprouts, baby greens and microgreens. In the 3 p.m. session Rachel and Luc Bourgault will teach about the different techniques to conserve gardening water. Topics like mulches, rain barrels, soaker hoses, under sowing and row covers will all be discussed.

Both workshops are free and open to the public.

Landon’s is located at 505 College Meadows Drive.


Bird watch at Trail End State Historic Site

SHERIDAN — Bird watching is scheduled for Saturday at the Trail End State Historic Site from 1-2 p.m.

This event is an outdoor learning opportunity led by Pam Moore of the Bighorn Audubon Society Chapter, and is geared toward first- through third-grade children accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Bring your own binoculars and learn how to spot birds, listen to their calls and learn their names. Activities will begin at the sidewalk at the entrance to the carriage house. The activity is free and open to the public.

The Trail End is located at 400 Clarendon Ave.


Birding at The Brinton

SHERIDAN — Jackie Canterbury of The Bighorn Audubon Society, in cooperation with The Brinton Museum, will lead the monthly bird walk April 20 from 9-11 a.m.

Spring is here and so are the Sandhill Cranes, Mountain Bluebirds, Wood Ducks and other resident and migrant birds.

Bird watchers are asked to meet in The Brinton parking lot. For more information call The Brinton at 307-673-3173​.