The third installment of the public records column series will showcase the Wyoming Secretary of State’s website. Again, this website provides a comprehensive resource for many different things, but there are a few I’d like to point out specifically.

First, navigate to the website by typing into your web browser. This will take you to a beautiful site showing off landscapes of our incredible state. If you look above the photo slideshow, you’ll see a drop-down navigation bar. Here, you can learn about Secretary of State Edward A. Buchanan and his executive team.

The duties of the secretary of state are to serve on the State Board of Land Commissioners, the State Building Commission, the State Loan and Investment Board and the State Canvassing Board. This person registers new businesses; registers trade names, trademarks and reserves names; oversees all statewide elections; commissions Notaries Public; and maintains records and proceedings of the Legislature, among other duties.

Wyoming has an online, e-service business filing system, whether filing for a new business venture or simply filing the annual report for a business. The average joe or curious journalist may also look up those filings, which for the most part include business owners and their contact information.

That can be done under the Business/UCC tab on the navigation bar. Select “Search for Business Names/Filings” from the drop-down list, and it brings up a search bar. This can be used to look up any business registered in the state. It’s a helpful tool for potential business owners wanting to see if a business name has been taken, if you want to look up a business owner or simply want to learn more about your community.

For example, when Birch was opening, I looked up the building’s address on Sheridan County’s geographic information system map — which I outlined how to navigate in last week’s column — and discovered 342, LLC to be the owners of the building. Hopping back onto the secretary of state’s website, I plugged in 342, LLC and found the registered agent to be Greg A. Von Krosigk, the former attorney for the city of Sheridan.

Limited Liability Companies can be tricky in that a registered agent can be a law firm or other agency to conceal the identity of the true business owner. In this case, it was Von Krosigk who owned the building and agreed to chat with me about Birch and the process he took in choosing the perfect business for Sheridan and the location.

Beyond business searches, Wyoming citizens can learn more about our state seal, find a notary public, obtain historical information about the state and find out who’s running for office by navigating to “Forms and Publications” from the “Services and Information” drop-down list.

Whether you’re curious about a business or want to see the candidates filing for public office, the Wyoming Secretary of State’s website is a helpful tool for research.