Loss of diorama disappointing

Re: Display at museum

Never mind the political drama going on nationally, we have a situation here in our own community that is equally as catastrophic.

The situation I am referring to is the total destruction of the Rosebud diorama, and then to discard the historical piece of visual history to the city landfill. This brilliant piece of leadership was made by the new executive director and her nine misguided board of directors for the Sheridan County Historical Society and Museum. What a brilliant way to repay the many individuals and firms who gave so freely of their time and finances. Really?

I was advised by a board member that the contractor damaged the diorama beyond repair during removal from the case. Couldn’t the new director have contacted me to see if I could repair it before it was put in the dumpster?

Why the big rush to get rid of this diorama, one that has been proven by tourist feedback as the most popular exhibit in the museum? Apparently, this new director is in lockstep with the current movement in the USA of tearing down statues of past leaders and trying to change the memories of past historical leaders of our country.

Is there anyone in the community that agrees that this was one stupid leadership decision? If so, now is the time to let it be known.

To all my Monarch friends, do you suppose the Monarch diorama could be the next slated for the landfill? Don’t be too sure that couldn’t happen. Lots of floor space there.

How about the spring time in Sheridan in 1888? That was only 12 years after the Rosebud fight, so that surely has lost its interest to Sheridan history per their director.

The first three buildings in Sheridan diorama in approximately 1879 has already seen its resting period.

Hope it survives a road trip to the dump.

A note to the people of Sheridan, not a single person involved in this stupid decision of destruction has contributed in any way to the design, building or fundraising of any of the dioramas built by my dedicated team of helpers. Surprise, surprise.

Tom Warnke