Why are we ‘harvesting’ animals?

Re: March 26 article, ‘Deadly year for grizzlies, wolves’

Has anyone considered providing more suitable habitat for the grizzly bear as well as other wildlife? I would rather see officials euthanize grizzlies that become a problem rather than allow them to be hunted for trophy. Why is killing a bear referred to as “harvesting”? Harvesting traditionally refers to crops, not animals. 

It really upsets me that the Game and Fish Department’s main goal seems to be keeping hunters happy without regard to the health and welfare of the species. Hunting bears is simply about trophy hunting and showing a prize to take a photo with. Thank goodness for the Endangered Species Act. The only reason the western states even have a sage grouse management program is to keep them off the endangered species list. 

The highway department posts signs of the number of people killed on state highways. How about posting the number of wildlife killed due to drivers who take no responsibility by slowing down at times and places where it is known that animals cross? I am tired of hearing people brag about how many deer they have hit on state highways. I am not a religious person, but I believe that the Bible says that all living things are God’s creation. Yet the human race alone is the only species responsible for the extinction or near extinction of other species over the last 300 years. 

There really aren’t enough animals left in the world anymore to allow for “harvesting,” thanks to the human race. The human race needs to learn to coexist with all living things on this planet.

Anthony Cernac