Investigation driven by partisan politics

Re: Mueller report

Some of you will remember Illinois Senator Everett Dirksen from over sixty years ago. If not, you will remember his famous quip, “Don’t get mad, get even!” Reading Attorney General Barr’s summary of Mueller’s Report reminded me of that old Dirksen line. Without question, the rhetoric of the past two years will intensify a massive political confrontation between the two partisan parties now; but I believe the far more urgent concern is the illegal conspiracy plot which was created within the federal government by unelected bureaucrats.

Corruption among partisan political parties has existed from our founding which is nothing new. What is new has been a joining together of the mainstream press and some powerful government career bureaucrats with a single partisan political party, the Democrats. This is not only new within our political system, but it’s politically dangerous, as the past two years have demonstrated. It’s dangerous because it tends to concentrate political power within a single political party and undermines the concept of countervailing powers which is essential to preserving individual political liberty. Montesquieu first developed the idea of countervailing powers in his 1748 treatise about the abuses of absolute power by the state, and the need for counterbalancing centers of power to control it. We have witnessed this harmful one-party development both in the ghettos of some of our cities and in California. Certainly, what has happened since 2016 is not a destruction of countervailing power between Republicans and Democrats; instead we have witnessed a conspiracy plot created and sustained by a few high-ranking FBI and Justice Department bureaucrats with a pre-meditated effort to cripple an elected Republican President.

Whatever your political sentiments about President Trump, a partisan undermining of a countervailing power between opposing political parties by government bureaucrats engaging in duplicity and mendacious illegal actions cannot be tolerated. Those career bureaucrats within the federal government who contributed and helped develop a false Russian plot story line by targeting President Trump, would have severely undermined our two party system and a desirable countervailing of power had they been successful. Certainly the partisan politicians and public press who joined in this conspiracy plot should be held in disrepute for their unethical behavior. But they are not the primary target now. Instead, the primary culprits for legal punishment are those unelected bureaucrats who were directly involved in what was obviously a treasonable conspiracy. Our political institutions need to be re-examined in order to prevent this sort of bureaucratic corruption from happening again. It’s obvious to me that this false Russian story with the 2016 election was driven by partisan politicians, and for partisan reasons, but such unethical behavior can only be prevented in the future by establishing political and legal penalties for such improper behavior.

For now, however, the first and primary task is for our Attorney General to restore the reputation of both his office and the FBI from the harm these partisan bureaucrats have inflicted upon our government and our country. Clearly, the president has been wronged by this fraudulent vendetta against him for the past two years, but the far greater wrong has been the damage it has caused to our political republic. It’s a citizen responsibility to help assure this illegal outrage is properly resolved.

Robert Anderson



Godzilla in my crawlspace? I don’t think so!

Re: Radon warnings

Keying off Sen. Mike Enzi’s column: “New Green Deal is a bad deal for Wyoming,” I’d like to call attention to another EPA-manufactured scare that’s right up there with the green men in area 51, the alar red dye panic and firing cannons at the sky to make it rain, which I class as the “common wisdom trap.”

Self-proclaimed experts are making millions from people frightened by radon in their crawlspaces. Even those who don’t really believe radon under a home is dangerous are forced to hire radon mitigation contractors to install elaborate collection systems in what are termed “sealed” crawlspaces to satisfy various city, county, state and national codes.

I’m getting my information from Dr. Jerry M. Cuttler, a radiation expert and advisor to the American Council on Science and Health who authored a paper entitled: “Threshold for Radon-induced Lung Cancer From Inhaled Plutonium Data.”

Rather than take up too much space with technical jargon that puts readers to sleep which talks about the linear no-threshold model upon which EPA rules and standards are based, I will cut to the chase by saying that Dr. Cuttler’s report says that the radon scare is baseless.

This brings me around to the subject of our well-insulated homes that are so tight that “combustion air” must be provided for devices that actually use fire, as in gas furnaces and water-heaters. But how about combustion air for us humans?

Some specs say a crawl-space must have a vent 3 feet from every corner. Other contractors insist that there should be no vents and the space must be “sealed.”

There is no cohesive consensus on how these spaces should be treated to keep mold from growing or how to ventilate to keep plumbing from freezing while keeping the humidity at less than 50 percent.

The solution is simple and comparatively cheap. Positive air pressure within the living space is the answer. A 6- to 8-inch pipe buried a minimum of 5 feet deep and extended as far as the available property will allow, can be attached the home’s mechanical room and the home’s living space. The far end is brought up to the surface and covered by a screened rain cap. Air pulled in by a low volume fan supplies fresh warmed air in the winter and cool air in the summer. A small louvre at the highest point in the living space supplies ceiling air to an insulated duct that then goes to the crawl-space or even a basement. That air is then returned by small unobtrusive floor vents.

Even the EPA and the radon testing people admit that they can’t get good radon readings if people are opening and closing doors or leaving windows open. Imagine that! Fresh air ruins the radon concentration. I’m admitting here that radon exists and it is everywhere. That’s a fact. It’s just not the problem that the EPA and radon-mitigation people would have you believe.

By creating a whole house positive air pressure environment you save on the heat bill because it stops cold air induction through window and door gaps (And don’t forget the bathroom and stove vents that have to suck air from somewhere)

When you were little, the monsters under your bed were no more real than the monster in your crawl-space if you know how to deal with it. Knowledge and common sense are the key.

By the way, I suspect the radon hysteria is supported by the Flat Earth Society and the American Phrenology Association.

Mike Kuzara



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