If your household is anything like the Sanders’, keeping the kitchen clean is a major point of contention. It is probably the only point, especially now that there is a toddler involved with even more dishes and things displaced.

It seems like my wife and I clean the kitchen all day everyday. There will be stretches where it seems like I do it every day and my wife just lollygags, and vice versa. We both know it’s not true, but it truly is a phenomenon. How can one room gather so much stuff so fast? How can I wash that same mixing bowl 200 times a week? It’s enough to drive anyone nuts and get a one-way ticket to crazy town.

But don’t fear! I have come up with some methods that really do help keep the mess and clutter down in the kitchen. It just takes some moxy sticking to them, and the pain of it all washes away pretty quickly.


Finding those trouble spots

In our kitchen, it’s the island corner right when you walk into the kitchen. Stuff just accumulates. Grocery store recipes, purses, sippy cups, phones, change and wallets. Not to mention the other billion random things too numerous to mention.

It’s been a real issue and it drives my wife and me crazy. We both like things in its place, but this corner turned into its own catch all of random.

To fix this, we make sure one of us addresses it nightly and puts things where they belong. It keeps the pile from growing, and it keeps our sanity in check.


Hit the little stuff right away

We used to have an issue with a bunch of little stuff piling up until it got to be a bunch of big issues. Little spills, random cups, wrappers and cardboard from boxes, etc. All those things take a few seconds to deal with and make a big impact later on when you are cleaning up the whole kitchen.


Keep things to a minimum

I’m the first one to admit I like things easily accessible in the kitchen. I have a hanging pan rack and more appliances than I need out at any one time.

Someone suggested that if I don’t use something over the next month that’s out on the counter, put it away underneath and see how it goes.

Half of the stuff on my counter ended up stowed, and I didn’t think it would make that much of a difference. Boy was I wrong. Cleaning your counters without having to move 20 items was heavenly. Give it a shot, it is very freeing.