SHERIDAN — A man found guilty in two trials in 4th Judicial District Court last year has been sentenced for up to 25 years in prison.

Roger Keith Black, 66, was found guilty Nov. 28, 2018, of intimidating and impeding a witness, a witness that was slated to testify at Black’s initial five counts related to methamphetamine distribution.

For the methamphetamine charges, Black was also found guilty by a jury Dec. 22, 2018, of one count of conspiracy to deliver methamphetamine and four counts of delivery of methamphetamine.

In Black’s first sentencing Feb. 5 in Judge John Fenn’s court, he received an eight- to 10-year prison sentence for the intimidating and impeding a witness.

The second sentencing, held Tuesday in Judge William Edelman’s court, resulted in Black receiving 10- to 15-year prison sentences for each of the five methamphetamine counts. The prison sentences will run concurrently with one another for the methamphetamine charges but will run consecutively with Black’s other prison sentence.

The 66-year-old man also faces one count of misdemeanor battery for fighting while incarcerated at the Sheridan County Detention Center after he was tried and found guilty of the felony counts.

During the sentencing, the state attorney said Black has a longstanding history with substance abuse, paroled out eight times and has not done well on community supervision. Black’s attorney said Black had a minimal history of violence, to which Edelman responded that he nearly chuckled at the comment. Edelman said the presentence investigation completed by probation and parole on Black covered the gamut of criminal offenses, and the only time when Black was not violating the law was when he was incarcerated, which he said wasn’t even entirely true due to his offenses while at the SCSD.

In total, Black will serve prison time for 18 to 25 years with the Wyoming Department of Corrections.