Turn in clogs
for jackboots

Re: Fluoridation is facism

Many local members of the dental, and medical, profession remain intransigent in defiling Sheridan’s once pristine water with their toxic-waste fluoride. This despite the world-renowned Lancet Medical Journal (The Lancet Neurology, Volume 13, Issue 3 in March 2014) classified fluoride as a neurotoxin, 100 percent. This puts fluoride in the same category with lead, arsenic and mercury.

Rather than heeding the advice of an unbiased Lancet Medical Journal, our local medical and dental “professionals” choose to embrace the biased propaganda from the American Dental Association.

For decades, the ADA has been a heavily funded shill for the fluoride industry. The aluminum and phosphate fertilizer industries avoid millions of dollars in HAZMAT fees by selling their toxic waste fluoride to unscrupulous city officials, throughout America, to promote dental health.

Neither the Holy Bible, Declaration of Independence, United States Constitution, nor the Bill of Rights grant any authority to these so-called professionals to poison our water, without our consent.

Where do they think we live, Stalin’s Soviet Union, Hitler’s National Socialist Germany, or Mao’s Communist China?

Hitler murdered 25 million people. Stalin murdered 60 million people. Mao murdered 86 million people. Interesting role models for our local authoritarians.

George Washington would have been a far better role model. He believed in individual rights, individual liberty and individual freedom for all. 

Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution guarantees to every state in this union a Republican form of government. It does not provide for a facist, totalitarian dictatorship.

Perhaps the medical and dental community should consider trading in their clogs for jackboots.

John Fafoutakis



City has too much debt

Re: SEEDA, economic development debt 

The report to the community 2018 indicates the city of Sheridan has $14.5 million in loans. This debt was acquired between 2015 and 2018. These loans are for public works and engineering projects. 

In addition, the city has $3 million in loans due to the city’s participation in SEEDA. These last loans apply to the Vacutech and Kennon projects. I have asked SEEDA, what is the extent of SEEDA’s ability to borrow and in-debt the city? The SEEDA attorney addressed this in 2017 in a letter to the Wyoming Business Council.

To quote from the letter, “The city of Sheridan is authorized to borrow money under the authority granted in W.S. 15-1-103 (a)(x).” Further, the capacity of SEEDA to borrow is limited by the provisions of article 16 sections 4 and 5 of the Wyoming Constitution, which requires that “any loan amount in excess of taxes for the current year be put to a vote of the electorate of the municipality.” Also, “the total indebtedness of a municipality may not exceed 4 percent of the total assessed value of taxable property within the corporate limits of the municipality, an additional 4 percent being allowed for sewer projects and water projects.”

In 2017, when this letter to the WBC was submitted, it was stated the estimated property taxes for the city were $1,451,360 and the loan to SEEDA was a “no recourse” loan against the general funds of the city. The attorney questioned whether constitutional restrictions apply to SEEDA. A no recourse loan does not mean the debt goes away, it means the city’s general funds cannot be seized to pay the debt. 

When the letter was sent, the indebtedness of the city was approximately $5.5 million. In 2018, the city’s indebtedness was $14.5 million. SEEDA is the borrower of choice for corporate welfare projects. SEEDA depends on its renters to meet its loan obligations. SEEDA is by design, to exist in perpetuity.

Will SEEDA continue to obligate the city taxpayers with more economic development schemes? The Sheridan High Tech Gateway III Subdivision is anticipated as of this letter.

Vicki Taylor