SHERIDAN — Rooted in Wyoming recently announced the recipient of its 2018 Volunteer of the Year Award. This year’s award was presented to James (Jim) Mickelson of Sheridan, for his commitment, dedication and excellent volunteer service. This award is given to an outstanding community member who has made an exceptional contribution to RiW’s program.

Rooted in Wyoming is a dedicated partner in building and nurturing school and community gardens in Sheridan County and beyond. The nonprofit encourages appreciation and stewardship of the natural environment, connections with the area history and intergenerational learning and recreation.

Since Rooted in Wyoming was created in January of 2016, it has contributed more than 6,000 volunteer hours, established enduring partnerships, organized and volunteered for community efforts and helped bring six gardens into production. During the same time, the nonprofit has provided planting supplies, tools, grow towers and educational opportunities to various classrooms.

Rooted in Wyoming is proud to have Michelson as part of its arsenal of volunteers and an example of selflessness in the community.