Speak up against fluoride

Re: City survey

Fluoride is so uncalled for in our water. It’s mostly for children anyway. Do you want to tell adults what good fluoride does for us? Children use more than their daily amount of fluoride when brushing their teeth daily.

They only need a pea size of tooth paste for children 3-6 years of age. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says no fluoride for children 2 and younger. I’m so sick and tired of having my water smell and taste like Clorox. I’m not the only one smelling and tasting the garbage.

You people that have children should be able to afford fluoride treatments and toothpaste with fluoride or you shouldn’t have children. Funny, but did you know that if your children swallow toothpaste they can overdose on fluoride? Also excess fluoride can harm and discolor teeth, known as dental fluorosis.

I agree totally that fluoride should not be mandatory.

Cyd Linda Marie Frigo



Argument against fluoride ‘weak’

Re: Ongoing discussion

A dental hygienist once told me that my generation (baby boomers) will be the first generation to go to the grave with their own teeth as in no dentures. Despite the fact that I have practiced good dental hygiene and was fortunate to be able to afford excellent dental care, I still have a mouth full of fillings.

I grew up in Sheridan when we did not have fluoridated water. As I age, these fillings deteriorate and get replaced with crowns. Conversely, our daughters have had the same dental care as myself but with the added advantage of growing up in communities with public fluoridated water. They are in their mid-30s with beautiful white teeth and not a single filling. None!

I have a pair of 1-year-old grandsons in Sheridan. It is very difficult to brush their teeth, but they do drink the currently fluoridated city water. Hopefully, my grandsons will continue to benefit from the fluoridated water and have the excellent teeth like their mother. The weak argument that some want to make their own choice about fluoride in the city water supply is a viable option for only those able to afford good dental care. I would add, that there are many children in this city that are not so fortunate to have that “choice” to afford good dental care. Their choice is public fluoridation for dental care or no dental care.

Let’s keep the minute and safe amount of fluoride in our public water as a benefit for all.

Kathleen Ahrens