Thanks for support

Re: Edwards Hotel fire

I would like to give thanks to Sheridan’s fire and police department for their excellent response concerning the Edwards Hotel last week. Sometimes we forget that both departments have a hard job.

I have a small museum in the back of my music store. The fire department put three tarps over my items to protect them, so in turn, most of the property was saved. 

Thanks again to all the people in Sheridan that stopped by or called to offer help.

Jon R. Quarterman



Lack of response

Re: US congressional delegation

Thought I would share with your readers how the folks we send to Washington care about our concerns.

Each month the last six months I have written Sen. Mike Enzi asking: Please tell me how borrowing money (national debt) and giving it to corrupt and unfriendly nations (foreign aid) helps the U.S. No response as yet. Maybe I should include a check?

Charles Vickery



Repercussions of expanded trails

Re: Red Grade expansion

In Colorado, the impact of outdoor recreation has caused a 64 percent drop in elk populations in the Frying Pan River herd — 10,000 to 4,600 elk. Fragmentation of wildlife habitat by bike trails which zig-zag with switchbacks is devastating.

The Bighorn National Forest has roughly 1,500 miles of non-motorized trail, 1,500 miles of motorized trail and 2,200 miles of road — paved down to two-track. About 90 percent of the BNF is allotted for livestock grazing. There is logging in the BNF and there are buildings.

Some of the best wildlife habitat in the BNF is on steep slopes where grazing and logging are uneconomical and building would be outlandish. These places with ancient undeveloped ecology are valuable and need to be protected.

The proposed continuation of the Red Grade Trail System on to the BNF is on an undeveloped pristine steep slope, as is the existing Red Grade Trail.

The Forest Service is accepting comments on the proposed continuation of the trail until March 11 at For Red Grade Trail Project environmental assessment. Comments must include your name, address and email address.

The BNF belongs to every citizen of the USA.

There will be a meeting at the Sheridan County Fulmer Public Library on March 5 from 6:30-8 p.m. in the Inner Circle, to discuss comments.

Jennifer Williams

Big Horn