Kitchen remodels are among the most popular home renovation projects, whether they consist of swapping out cabinet hardware or doing major demolition.

Due to the sheer amount of time families spend in the kitchen, not to mention the number of tasks performed in this space, it is easy to see why Remodeling magazine consistently ranks kitchen renovations as projects that will enable homeowners to recoup a high percentage of their investments.

In the magazine’s 2018 “Cost vs. Value” report, midrange major kitchen remodels costing an average of $63,829 recouped 59 percent of that investment.

Sheridan Floor to Ceiling offers many quality brands of cabinetry from builder lines, semi-custom to full custom offerings with price points that work with any budget. The business offers design services to help the customers visualize how the final cabinet project will look.

When investing in a kitchen project, it is important to incorporate items that are coveted.


Deep, double sinks

Having a double sink enables you to soak dishes in one side and then wash on the other. It also makes it easy to wash and prep produce for meals.


Kitchen island and bar stools

Even though many meals are enjoyed around the table, there’s something to be said for the convenience of a kitchen island and some well-placed bar stools for quick breakfasts or snacks.  Sheridan Floor to Ceiling works with many types of flooring, countertops, ceramic tile backsplashes and the latest trends and colors of up to date cabinet styles and wood species.


Smart kitchen storage

Work with a contractor to include storage solutions built into cabinetry and the pantry. Slide-out shelving, nooks for a paper towel roll and custom-designed areas to store stand mixers and other necessities can make kitchens more functional.  Sheridan Floor to Ceilings has a large selection of cabinet brands, including Kemper, Fieldstone, Aristokraft, Bertch, Crown and Wellborn. Great companies covering all price ranges help cater to fit any budget.


Under-cabinet lighting

Fixtures installed under cabinets provide both ambient lighting and task lighting. Such lighting makes it easier to see what you’re working on as well, as even well-placed overhead lighting can fail to illuminate dark corners and spots on the counters.


Beverage station

Designate one area of the kitchen to beverages, such as coffee and tea. This can limit traffic in the kitchen to a single area. Kitchen remodels are exciting to envision, and several choices can make these high-traffic spaces even more coveted.

Note: This content was sponsored by Sheridan Floor to Ceiling.